Friday, August 13, 2010

Damn Insurance Companies

It is foggy this morning.  Inside and out.  I know I probably slept last night, but the haze and dust still floating around my brain makes me question if what I experienced was sleep or something that plays sleep on TV. 

Fast forward to the period when I finally opened my email window. 

Now the fog has lifted.  Now the fires are no longer smouldering.  They have been stoked and poked into a roaring blaze of anger. 

Damn Insurance companies.  Damn them all to Hell.

A customer was riding his bike legally and minding his own business when he was plowed into from behind by some fellow who claimed "the Sun was in my eyes". 

Okay fine.  Accidents happen.  The man was a responsible citizen and set all the proper machines he had power over in motion.  The customer went to the hospital unconscious and does not remember the accident.  The customer had no medical insurance, but was patched up and sent home once he woke up.  His bill came the other day.

His bike took it hard.  He loved that bike.  It was nothing special in the scheme of high end gee whiz bikes pedaling around now days, but it was his and he loved it.  It was also his only way to work.

His wife brought it in the afternoon of the accident and told me to get back to her with an estimate.  And please make it as cheap as possible.  They did not have a pot to piss in.  Once I found out how the accident happened, I informed her she needed to contact a lawyer.  This accident was a no brainer.  Car was completely at fault.  She wasn't sure, but she followed through and discovered that yes, her husband had some choices to pursue.

Not wanting to milk this past the immediate costs of medical bills, a couple days of lost wages, and fixing his bike, what they were asking for was a pittance.  I wrote up the estimate to fix the bike for under $500.

You'd think the insurance company would jump at the chance to get out of this as cheaply as possible and continue stealing money from the rest of us..............But no.  The insurance assholes are jacking this poor couple around while he has to beg rides to work because his commuting machine is in pieces in my shop's basement.

So I get this email this morning from the insurance company wanting documentation about the original cost of the bike and what the replacement cost would be today.  Seems simple enough I guess, but I see it as just another stalling tactic used by these jerks to try and wear down the poor slobs they have by the short hairs. 

I was polite and business like in my reply.  But inside with each polite and businesslike word I typed, I could feel the anger rising until I finally just had to .........................................

I sure hope no one tries to sell me any insurance today.



muddleglum said...


ruthi said...

what a pity. i wonder how these insurance companies CEO sleep at night?

Randal Graves said...

On a pile of money, that's how they sleep.

David Barber said...

Insurance is just legalised extortion, Mike. I recently broke my camera (accidetally) and was told to claim on my insurance by a friend. I rang them and they said yes, but where did it happen. On holiday, I said. Oh, sorry your not covered, it has to happen at home. I had a right ding dong on the phone and lets just say they have just lost their re-newel customer.

Insurance companies are the work of the Devil!!!!

have a great weekend, Mike.