Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Pretend Republican?

Okay, so she's only a pretend Republican in the eyes of the puritans who cast critical eyes and harsh judgement based on how many Bibles we read this week or how many pregnant women on welfare we kicked in the last month. There is a quota system you know.

But she is a registered Republican representing Maine in the Senate. As one of the three Republicans who dared to cross party lines and vote for the Stimulating Economic Vibrator, Olympia Snowe has just gained even more stature in my jaundiced eye. She bucked her own party. That had to be a tough decision. I understand there is a special place in Hell reserved for traitors to the cause. They make them sit with the Democrats ensconced there.

But if you would care to, check our Olympia Snowe's recent interview by a local TV station. It is interesting and somewhat revealing about some of the things Obama is doing that is not business as usual inside The Beltway.

From her words I get the impression Obama has indeed been genuine in his efforts to reach across the aisle. Her fear it seems is that this recent Republican refusal to play will cause him to stop trying. Many on both sides are calling for him to stop and just do what he wants. She says it would be the wrong thing to do. The poisonous atmosphere that has been created in Congress over the last many years has to change. And someone has to start the ball rolling. I get the feeling she sees Obama as that person.

The personal involvement that Obama has engaged in when dealing with Congress is one thing she thinks should continue. The one on one meetings, the round table discussions, the active personal engagement. Something she contends has been missing from the politics down there for far too long.

Olympia is a real veteran of the DC jungle wars. She has been there for what seems like forever. She has ridden the rise of her party and now hangs on as it falls on it's hardheaded face. She is not happy with the situation. At least I get that feeling anyway.

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Bull said...

Well, I'm going to a deeper part of Hell...I went beyond Senator Snow and shed my party for the "independent" tag.

So now I can peg fingers at both sides of the aisle.

MRMacrum said...

Bull - Welcome to the side with no sides. As Independents we get to tweak the noses of both, but we also have to live with both hating our guts until election time. Then they get all nicey nice.I have been getting a kick out of it for years now.

Randal Graves said...

Did you really have to put 'stimulating economic vibrator' and 'Olympia Snowe' in the same sentence? They don't have brainwash, ya know.

Demeur said...

If you keep reaching your hand out to shake hands and the other guy keeps pulling his back or worse stabs it how long would you keep trying? It's obvious that the republicans don't want to change. They'll stay the course even though most of America would like a change from the last eight years.

To be independent at present is a waste to me. If there were any viable third party candidates running or in office I'd change my position but when Ross Perot was run out of the race it was obvious that there's only a two party system and the boys in DC want it that way.

BBC said...

Stimulating Economic Vibrator

Ha ha ha, let me know how that goes.

Why is it that the government (you) has to pay to fix the economy when it’s the greedy rich fucks that fuck it all up? Fuck them, they can fix it instead of always fucking everyone over and looking for handouts. They can just fucking give up their fancy homes and toys, I swear, American monkeys sure are stupid fucking idiots.

BBC said...

but we also have to live with both hating our guts until election time.

I'm supposed to care if they hate my guts? I think not. I don't give a fuck if those fucking idiots like me or not.

BBC said...

To be independent at present is a waste to me.

Well, there hasn't been any third party with any power for some time, but it doesn't mean you should stop the fight for it.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

with everyone looking and now getting a handout from the government, I only have one question?---who is gonna pull the wagon after we all pile on board?