Saturday, February 07, 2009

My Toilet Runneth Over

The other day, BBC mentioned in his cut through the bullshit way, my posts were getting too long. I replied with some snarky comeback and moved on. But his comment stirred around some. I thought about it and checked my more recent posts. Yes they have been longer winded than my usual long breaths. I wondered why.

I also wondered why it mattered how long it was. Those who want to read it will read it. Many will run out of energy and desire and bail before my always poignant and clever endings. ;) More than a few folks will stop in and say to themselves, "Damn, another long one from Crum. The boy surely can drone on. I am outta here." They won't even give it a chance.

I have read many helpful blogging hints. I have run across tips to make my blog the envy of the neighborhood. The Do's and the Don't Do's. Opinions differ but many of the umpteen million Blogging Gurus out there tend to agree on a couple of basics.

~ Post regularly - Long periods of drought will cause a drop in traffic that may be difficult to retrieve. Bloggers are notorious for being fair weather readers. You came back to the same old blog and the last post was a month ago, you tend to not check again for awhile if at all.

~ Be Brief. Long posts turn people off. I can see this. I see it all the time. I have written short posts and long posts as the more recent posts demonstrate. I have stopped short when reading some posts. I have stuck with many all the way through. But brief usually ensures I will finish what I started.

Okay so I have at least a nominal understanding of some of the attributes of a blog that generates heavy traffic. I seem to grasp well enough that if I want to bump up the attendance, there are basics I could do better.

You know what? I gave BBC's advice a good run. Most of the day today actually. And I decided my initial snarky comeback comment was how I really feel. I let the posts go where they take me. If what I want to say takes 500 words, I use 500 words. If that day I am feeling lean and mean, maybe 300 words will do it for me. And if I feel 1000 words wanting some release, I release them. Whether folks want to read them is up to them. I obviously have some kind of need that can only be satisfied this day by this many words.

I guess it all is based on what I want this blog to do for me. I first have to determine that before I even concern myself with what others would like to see here.

I want a blog that is not easily pigeonholed by one of the many boundaries the bloggers love to fence blogs in with. My blog is about whatever overflows the cranial toilet. You never know what will pop out of an overflowing toilet. And well, that's a pretty accurate description of a typical thinking day for me. I guess my blog should reflect this.

So, BBC, if you can suffer this somewhat shorter post, I have begun to taper down. I also have counted all the words I have typed and posted this month. Took me quite awhile I'll tell ya. Can't remember the last time I used all ten fingers so much. When I finish this post the grand total will be --- 6885 words this month. Wait a minute I just added__38_____more words........ Oh no, I can't stop. Something is wrong. Heeeeelp meeeeeee......
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Utah Savage said...

I think you blog is quite fabulous. My only problem commenting is that I'm afraid BBC will come after me and get hostile and obnoxious at my place. If I could ban him from my place I would. I may have to check with blogger on that.

But I like your blog so much I feature it. I get to check out a little snippet before I cruise by.

I have an actual plumbing problem. My tub won't drain.

BBC said...

I replied with some snarky comeback and moved on.

Sorry, but I didn't have time to return to read it, ha ha ha.

I'm guilty of posts I think are too long also at times. But the truth is, we all want to visit a lot of blogs (and leave comments) and that takes a lot of time and long posts are not conductive to that.

As for Utah, I just won't visit her blog anymore, well, I won't comment on it, as far as I'm concerned she is just a spoiled someone that once had it made and blew it with her thinking and doesn't like it because times are hard for her.

Now she just babbles a lot and thinks that she will make some money getting a book published. Boy, the thousands of people I've come across that thought that and just wasted their time and money.

If you want to make money on a book write one teaching others how to make or build something, or put a hell of a lot of sex in it. People love to read about sex.

I wouldn't buy such a book though, not with all the racy blogs out there, ha ha ha.

BBC said...

Was my comment long enough for you? Ha ha ha.

BBC said...

On her blog Utah said, "Yes it's true, I have a worrisome heart, and troubling ways. Do I need a man who can love me the way that I am? I've never known one who could..."

That doesn't surprise me at all. Maybe she should rethink how she is?

Middle Ditch said...

You never know what will pop out of an overflowing toilet? A lot of shite, my daughter can tell you, very unpleasant. Your blog is not an overflowing toilet though. It's always a great read.

Demeur said...

I never really think about the length of a post until I hit the publish button and then check the results. Then I think here's a long one that people will avoid. As for posting I hate it when everyone has already covered the same topics. That just sounds like an echo rolling over the blogosphere. But the worst is writers block. When you just can't think of something important or interesting.

Anonymous said...

It's YOUR blog and no one has any right to say how you should use it. Another problem might be people who write too long comments, then come back several times for "more of the story".

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Crum, the length of the posts is not a problem. If posts are interesting and well written, which yours are, then 32,000 words wouldn't be excessive.