Monday, April 21, 2008

The Flip-Flop Post

Yesterday I wrote about women blogging more than men. As soon as I punched the "publish" button, I began to entertain second thoughts. All day long I questioned many assertions I had made in that post.

So call this a correction post. Or a back pedaling post. Maybe I should look at this as the flip flop post. No, flip flop might not be accurate as I still believe more women blog than men and generally they write cleaner. Of course this is just my opinion. Unsubstantiated by fact or fiction.

Hey, I should run for public office. If I only looked better for those Kodak moments, I might just be a perfect politician. Hmmm. No. Answering carefully without going off half cocked is not my style.

The couple of comments I received on that post confirmed my own reservations about "Manly Bloggers". PJ of Rocky Beach was right in my face and clear how he felt. Jen over to Never a Dull Moment nicely let me know her blog would be considered a "mommy blog" and I got the distinct feeling she was not sure I was right.

Now that I have had 24 hours to mull it over, I have concluded that my opinion is based on my attraction to the women. Their take on the World fascinates me. If only because it differs so much from mine usually. I guess it would be natural for me to seek them out rather than keep my focus on the guy blogs. After all, I pretty much know what makes guys tick. But women, well, they are still a mystery to me even after 56 years on this planet.

Then there is the fact that with all the blogs I have screened, I have most likely only seen a very small portion of what is out there. I could probably look at 1000 different blogs a day for the rest of my life and never see them all.

So I humbly ask for your forgiveness as I step back from words I have previously uttered. I put pen into gear before brain was engaged. I think I was seduced by that picture of the Wrestler with the cool shades.


El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I think I was seduced by that picture of the Wrestler with the cool shades.

Okay, Macrum, now you've crossed the line. That is definitely too much information. Give me opinion passed off as fact, any day.

I personally think you were on to something in your first post, although I might not have boiled it down to a "rule vs. drool" comparison. Heh.

Anonymous said...

This is in no way a mea culpa for my comment on the previous referenced post. Nor is it in any way influenced by Crummy's present act of contrition for said post.

Rather it's an expansion to clarify, not nullify. There are many women bloggers whom I read 'n enjoy. They write about poetry, their art, and lost loves. For example, take a look at theslant blog's post today about love. Simply doesn't get any better than that, in my opinion.

End of clarification .... and no, my women friends are not forcing me to write this. Ok, maybe just a little. *laughs*