Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crumpled Pages

I can tell I am not 100% yet. Any physical exertion lasting longer than a 10 or 15 minutes will leave me pretty wasted. And my efforts here to post something even close to worthy today has been a struggle. I am the caricature of the writer who types a few words, then rips the page from the type writer, crumples it, and tosses it onto the pile of crumpled pages building around his feet. I have at least 7 posts started. They have been relegated now to blogging limbo. Patiently waiting to be deleted and cast out as total wastes of time and energy.

I started a political rant. Barack and all the indignation over stupid shit the flag pin wearers are attempting to nurse into some kind of backlash movement against him. Whenever the Patriotism card is played, we can assume it is nothing but garbage, yet we still eat it up. The rant died quickly as I realized the whole process is so damn silly. We think we have an effect on the power struggles inside the Beltway, but we don't. Not anymore. So why bother?

Okay, so then I tried to mount my high horse and get all fired up about Maine's recent fall from grace as they caved to the thugs in Homeland Security. Once defiant in the face of an overwhelming and intimidating US government agency, John Baldacci has blinked and will now meekly fall into line over the Real ID crap the feds are cramming down our throats. Again, I thought, why bother, we have no say in what goes on. We have chosen a leader with no balls. We deserve it.

Not finding the energy to engage the "good fights", I went to my bin of sure thing ideas, memories of exploits past and present. Instead of locating any that might hint at humor, all I could dredge up were the bad ones this day. And being insistent that I will no longer wallow in my own misery, I tossed them as well.

So I will just finish this somewhat aimless and pointless post with - It is a better day than yesterday and yes, I am glad to be here and finally doing something I like to do. No matter how badly I am doing it. Things are looking up.


Anonymous said...

Keep writing, Crummy .... I love reading your drivel. *laughs* It's wicked good drivel at its best. Who knows, you might even become the Sage of Acton. Seriously. Like how many like you can there possibly be in Acton.


A Midnight Rider said...

I was looking for you e-mail last week. Not that diligently mind you but I did make a feeble attempt. Just to touch base, you know.

I had to make that life style change a few years ago. That and bypass surgury brought me back to my pre Hendrix heart.

Now I'm healthy as 50 year old.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Just a point about the Maine D/L issue, which I know next to nothing about: I have seen two or three points of view written about it, and I swear, they could be written about completely different issues, the opinions are so far apart.

On the "crumpled pages" theme: yeah, I have a few old ones, too, started and not completed, that need either completion or deletion.