Tuesday, April 15, 2008

60' Fahrenheit

I don't have much time this morning. But I figured a follow up to "The Perfect Man" was in order. Seems when things go downhill for me, they tend to be on a long run before they stop.

Last night I felt chilled as I bounced back and forth between the basement and the garage working some final touches on my new work bench. So I pushed the thermostat from our normal operating temp of 60'F to the point where I heard the switch in the box click. The click always means heat will soon follow. I didn't pay attention to the setting as it was the click I was listening for.

I head back downstairs and continue my handyman magic. The furnace warms me up in a few minutes. I finished what I had to do, yawned, and decided bed was where I should be. So I went there. Fell asleep in about 2 minutes.

We have been living with 60'F as our normal temperature for 20 years anyway. It has nothing to do with saving fuel or saving the planet, but everything to do with our comfort zone. We like a cold house. Both my wife and I sleep better when it is cooler. We tend to stay more alert when awake in a cool house. A too warm house also tends to be one of the sparks that sets off Bobbi's migraines. 60'F works for us.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up at 6 AM and felt as if I had been transported to some jungle locale overnight. The air was oppressively warm and I was covered in sweat. Immediately, I remembered, "Oops. I forgot to turn the thermostat back down." I looked at the indoor/outdoor thermometer in the bedroom. Shit! A steamin 72'F. Maybe I can fool her if I can just get to the thermostat first. So I hurried down to the living room and .....Damn! She beat me to it. Back to 60'F.

I knew I was going to hear about it. My only hope was that Bobbi was headache free. Her displeasure would be blunted then. Just some comments on how much fuel is costing and pay attention next time.

I found her in her office as I usually do at 6:15 AM everyday. Facing her computer with her back to me, she must have heard me come in.

"Thanks for the headache".

Those are the only words she has spoken to me today. Or at the least, the only ones I heard. She left to visit a client around 7 AM. This evening ought to be quite interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Well it's been two full days now, and not one fearless soul has had the gumption to comment on any of this.

Nor will I. *laughs*