Friday, January 20, 2012

It's About Respect

YELLOWDOG GRANNY (YDG) commented on my post about forgiveness - "judas fucking me from Christians".  I often do not understand why some comments stick with me past the initial enjoyment of the first read through.  But some do.  Her's definitely did.

Then a day or so ago, I mentioned this hanging comment to a fellow I know is a serious church going man.  His, "he was positive he was on target", knee jerk response - "It means you are seeking God's guidance but do not know it yet."  Everything in Life has religious significance to this guy.  He is the poster child Christian YDG wants someone to save her from.  Me too for that matter.

This morning I followed a series of news links and ended up watching this excellent video called "Why I hate Religion, but Love Jesus".

This young man nailed my feelings about organized religion with his spoken word piece.

His line " Religion is like perfume on a casket" really caught my attention.  The guy takes the practice of religion to task while letting the viewer know in no uncertain terms that his faith in God is unshakable.

This guy and my local religious bud have quite a bit in common.  They are devout in their faith and not afraid to wear that faith on their sleeves.  I have to respect that.  Where they differ however marks the point where Christianity and I part ways.  My friend insists that organized prayer and group faith is the way to go.  In the video, the young man points out so well why organized religions have created more problems than good Christians are willing to admit.

It's the group grope thing that bunches my panties.  The well meaning words the group profess to follow, but fail to live up to.  Immediately when I bring this up, I can hear the whining about how I am picking the few bad apples to illustrate my point.  Most of the Christian world is inclusive, tolerant, and kind.  That I am a person who considers most people good until proven otherwise tells me this is so.  The majority of Christians and their various congregations are probably inclusive, tolerant, and kind.  Just as are the majority of the Muslim faith.  What I have a problem with is the fact that they have allowed their "bad apples" to run free and present the worst image possible of their particular slant on God.

A quote by Edmund Burke comes to mind:

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing",

And another glitch in the organized belief that religion is somehow evil free pops up.  None of the leaders will admit their particular religion has the capability to harbor Evil within its ranks.  They turn a blind eye to the Evil foisted on the World from their side while pointing fingers at the Evil on the other side.  And both point fingers at the side that has no belief.

Sitting in a pew on Sundays does not a good man make.  Nor does kneeling daily in the direction of Mecca create goodness in a man or woman.  What makes people good or evil comes from inside of each one of us.  All our faith can do is offer guidance.  It is up to us to pick our individual paths.  So kneel with the gang.  Pray for forgiveness.  But please while you are feeling righteous, please remember what goes around comes around.  How you treat and even view others will more often than not be rewarded in kind.  It's about respect.  Not getting it, but giving it.

Keep it 'tween the ditches..........................................


okjimm said...

I think organized religion is an oxymoron. If God really cared, the Broncos would still be in the playoffs.

BBC said...

Fuck religion and fuck jesus.


okjimm made me laugh..
I like to say..I am quite fond of's his followers I have a problem with.

Ol'Buzzard said...

What a peaceful world this would be ... if religious people kept their fucking mouths shut and prayed to their gods in private.
the Ol'Buzzard

The Blog Fodder said...

Does religion really change people from what they would be anyway? It does offer guidance but people tend to pick the guidance that directs them where they would go anyway.

Kulkuri said...

It does offer guidance but people tend to pick the guidance that directs them where they would go anyway.
Religion also gives them a easy way out. All they have to do is repent and ask forgiveness and they get a free ticket into heaven!!

I know people that have said, "I've been saved, born again. All is forgiven, now I can do anything I want and it doesn't matter."

Tom Harper said...

"What a peaceful world this would be ... if religious people kept their fucking mouths shut and prayed to their gods in private."

The Bible actually says that. Not in those exact words of course, but that's the gist of it. There's a line where Jesus tells people not to pray in public, but to keep their prayers private.

I don't know how these "Christian" demagogues reconcile that passage with their own public Biblehumping.

Mauigirl said...

Really interesting post and I watched the whole video I am not a religious person myself but was brought up mainline Protestant. I believe in what Jesus had to say, whether or not I'm sure he's the son of god or saved any of us from our sons. I am with Yellowdog Granny, that's a great way to state it. And Tom is right too - Jesus didn't want people praying in public. He would not approve of Tebow.

Randal Graves said...

If god really cared, one of the damn sports teams from this damn town would have won a damn championship sometime in the last damn 48 years dammit.