Friday, January 06, 2012

Bye Bye Bachmann, Bye Bye

So Michelle has decided to pack up her righteous indignation, shelve her assault plan on the White House, and deliver us from the constant barrage of lies and fear mongering she has punished us with this last year.  Officially she has not "dropped out", rather she has "suspended her campaign".  What that means is she can continue to legally raise campaign money and spend it however she wants.  The closest thing I can compare it too is paying a player to sit on the bench.  Well done Michelle.  You have your cake and you still get to stuff your face with it.  And you claim it is Obama who is solely responsible for ruining this country.  Riiiiiiight.

I notice that it has only been a few days since the Iowa Caucus, and already Ron Paul has faded from mainstream media view.  Apparently the talking heads have decided the Republican contest is now down to a choice between Romney and Frothy Man Santorum .  Poor Ron just can't catch a break.  His finished a close third and yet he is back where he started - no one wants to pay him any respect.  Something tells me they should.

So let's see if I can make some sense of this musical chairs routine we got going here.  When someone's earlier favorite prematurely ejaculates and rides off into the sunset, which Republican stud left now gets their undying and in Virginia signed for loyalty? 

I would guess many of Michelle's fans will now throw their considerable weight and weak intellects behind Frothy Man Santorum.  I would also guess Ron Paul will benefit as some Bachmann Tea Partiers are not just foaming at the mouth God strike us dead fundies.

Newt is likely to benefit from some trickle down support from ex-Perry supporters.  But I think most will gravitate to Frothy Man Santorum.  But again, I see more than a few beginning to follow the Ron Paul bus.

Hmm and double hmm.

What seems to be unfolding before our very eyes is the classic election year disintegration that usually afflicts the Democrats, with their many splinter groups splintering and running 211 different candidates for President.  Call it the Naggin Nader Syndrome.   Ron Paul is quietly sucking up frustrated loyalists from the camps that have packed up and gone home.  He may not do as well in New Hampshire or South Carolina as he did in Iowa, but if I was a betting man, he will do better than any of the "experts" think he will.  Only time will tell if he wants to disrupt the party machine and continue as an independent after the Convention.  His previous track record would tell us he will cave and fall back into lock step solidarity with the Republican Machine.  But...............maybe this time he is really pissed and will refuse to fall in line.

Anyway, just some thoughts this morning on where I see the mess that is the Republican campaign for President.


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The Blog Fodder said...

I hope he runs as an independent. Now if someone from the left would only run as an independent (I assume the Dems will run Obama again?)

squatlo said...

Santorum is beginnning to self-destruct under all the scrutiny, but he'll still be a player in S.C. and perhaps on into Floriduh if the other fundies decide to dump all their support to him in order to deny a Romney nomination. But it's gonna be Romney, eventually. The only question is how much money will be spent ensuring that result and how much damage they'll do to one another arrived at that conclusion.

I just read an estimate from Reuters that $6 billion will be spent on the presidential and congressional campaigns this year alone. Remember when that was a lot of money?

Kulkuri said...

Didn't Ron Paul win some straw poll a couple months back and he was treated like an also-ran by the media. The corporate media doesn't like him. If he is going to run as an independent, this is his year to do it, he's old, maybe too old or not around for the next go-round. Not that I give a shit, he's a Grover Norquist-type FuckingRepublican(wants to kill the government) and agrees with Frothy-Boy on abortion.

Randal Graves said...

So that's what Jerome James has been up to.

PipeTobacco said...


Let us hope that the disintegration continues so that we have a better chance to have Obama back for another term (again, do not get me wrong, I think Obama has been quite poor as a Democratic President thus far, but he is better than anyone else on the horizon). I also hope the splintering of the Republicans DOES cause one or more of them to run as an independent. Ralph Nadar's horrible Independent run is what basically gave us 8 horrid years of Bush.


PipeTobacco said...


I have a question (potential favor) to ask you. There was a fellow who used to visit your blog who went by the username puddleglum (I think that was it). He was a hearing impaired fellow as well, and he wrote about that sometimes on his blog. Do you remember him at all, and if so, do you remember his blog address? I lost track of it some time ago, and would like to read his writing again.


okjimm said...

Bachmann.... she was a 'also ran' before she ran. She has only 'suspended' her campaign so she can, ala Palin, continue to be a money grabber.


another one down another one down..another one bites the dust.

Mauigirl said...

They definitely don't give Ron Paul his due. Not that I am a fan of his more extreme ideas but fair is fair. I hope he does run as an independent, that would be karma!

BBC said...

Frankly, I don't give a shit, the Bozo bus is on tour and the last stop will be the white house.

BBC said...

All that bullshit with the primaries is just distractions, fucking folitics. It's a fucking waste of time to even follow it all.

Mr. Charleston said...

There is actually a GOP candidate out there that sounds pretty good. Unfortunately, no one's ever heard of him because he's never invited to the debates. His name is Buddy Roemer. Don't really know much about him, but he seems fiercely independent, totally opposed to PACs and ready to clean house on Wall Street.

Demeur said...

If Ron runs as an independent then it's game over for the rethuglicons. We saw what Nader did to past elections.

So who's the flavor of the week going to be? I was hoping that each state would choose a different clown. Then we could sit back and watch the stooges battle it out at the convention.

MRMacrum said...

Blog Fodder - Democrats will sit tight and go with the favored horse that is supposed to be in their camp.

squatlo - Republicans seem to be more than willing to look past ethical issues as long as the core ideology is being touted 24/7. But I think you are right, Santorum is beginning to show some cracks under the ccloser scrutiny he is getting now.

Kulkiri - My hope is he will run. It's time for the Right to feel what it's like to be a Democrat.

Randal - I never trusted that guy. What with his two first names and all

Pipe - As disappointed as I am in Obama, he will still get my vote. I do not vote my conscience anymore. I vote for who I think will do the least damage. Nothing from the Right indicates they are interested in anything but dragging the US down further into their privilege hole.

The poster you were asking about was Muddleglum. His blog was called "Muddle's Pond" I think. Regardless he pulled it at least a year ago and dropped out of sight.

okjimm - Those hoiler than thous certainly like to line their pockets, don't they?

YELLOWDOG GRANNY - And it's odd, but this one would have loved to be Queen.

Mauigirl - Yes dear lady it would.

BBC - Watching the Republicans beats the Hell out of chasing down nose hairs and trimming the hedges in my ears.

Mr Charleston - Yeah, I have been impressed with Buddy since the day he actually went to an OWS demonstration and interacted with the demonstrators. Of the bunch from the Right, I find I have more in common with him than any of the others.

Demuer - Well the real comedians are gone now. No more slapstick. But on the bright side, it is indeed fun to see them nipping at each other's heels.

Tom Harper said...

I'll kind of miss Michele Bachmann. She was hilariously entertaining. But at least we still have Frothy the Biblehump to laugh at.

susan said...

As long as there's no campaign finance reform and an electoral college still in existence there'll be no significant change in presidential elections.

cmstewartwrite said...

Politics has always baffled me. But I'll say Susan (above) describes USA politics perfectly, IMO. I also believe the USA is too big and too diverse to effectively function as a single government population, especially one under a 2-party system.

As for Bachmann, she's taking the Palin route to fame and fortune. I wish the rest of the righteous indignation-mongers would do the same. Then maybe the indignance-supporters would have less money to purchase their hate laws.