Sunday, January 08, 2012

Eight on the Eighth

It is January 8, 2012.  My small part of the world has been turned on its ear.  We should be up to our keisters in snow and the trails in the woods should be too nasty soft to ride bikes.  Yet today eight of us went out and busted off some solid trail miles like it was late Fall before the first snow of winter.  I have only had to pull on the cold, cold weather gloves once this year.

By this time in January I am lucky if I have ridden once - usually a token ride on New Years Day.  As of today, 1/8/12, I have 5 rides under my belt.  Not token rides, but good efforts on real dirt............ There just is absolutely no snow out there.  Oh, some white shit is still tucked away under trees and in the deep shade, but my trails are clean and damn fast because they are frozen.

Strangest winter I have ever experienced in Maine, and I have more than a few behind me now.  I understand the mild conditions in the  US can be found everywhere this year.  I saw videos of kids kickin back on swings in Chicago and at least one was barefoot.  Strange shit I tell ya.  Maybe the Mayan Gods are giving us one last good run before they turn the lights out come December 21.

Before the New Year hits us, I accept that there will be snow.  I expect it and even hope for some.  The New Year kicks in and I want nothing more to do with the white shit.  By January 2nd I am ready for Spring.  That said, I am ready for Spring, but will hope it stays cold enough to finally give us some seriously good ice riding.  Hopefully the snow does not come with the cold.

I won't hold my breath...........................................

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BBC said...

This afternoon was like summer here, was even some flies out.

Sometimes I think I should thank humanity for over populating and fucking up the environment and causing global warming so I can have winter days like this.

Mr. Charleston said...

Serious drought ahead I'm afeared.


in the sixties and sunny sun today and none we're supposed to get rain, which we need more than snow.

Randal Graves said...

Oh great, this means July after July of 100°. Try riding your bike in that, especially after the water wars begin.

jadedj said...

Yep, out here on the plain Plains, same thing. I've been running around in a tee shirt for a week now (not the same shirt) and not a hint of snow. Bizarre.

The Blog Fodder said...

West coast weather here in Ukraine. Cloudy, +5, misting or dizzeling no real rain. Everything is cold and wet and muddy. Normally we should have snow and -10 to -15. My counter says 82 more days until April 1. Can't come soon enough.

Agree serious drought ahead this summer.

susan said...

My report from Nova Scotia is much the same. There's almost no snow on the ground and the temperatures most days have been far enough above freezing to let us continue our beach walks.

Ol'Buzzard said...

Hang on - it's coming.
the Ol'Buzzard

MRMacrum said...

BBC - I think you owe Al Gore the thanks.

Mr Charleston - I keep hearing that. Guess I should be grateful to live on a sponge.

YELLOWDOG GRANNY - Well if you are near Houston, Dallas or anywhere in between, I would guess you got some rain yesterday.

Randal - Once the water wars have had their ay with us, all we will have are bikes and beef jerky.

jadedj - You change shirts before a week is up? Wow. Pretty high falutin.

Blog Fodder - SO the odd weather is over the pond also? Hmm

susan - You guys have beaches? Or is that just what you call small rocks near the water?

Ol'Buzzard - Yeah, that's what I am afraid of........the other shoe.

susan said...

Yes, there are a couple of white sand beaches but you're right it's generally a matter of comparing ankle crackers to genuine leg beakers.