Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tear Down the Roof - Some Light at the End of the Tunnel - Chap 3 or 4 - Take Your Pick.

I had planned to make it into the bike shop on Thursday.  I figured a break from being the hump and grunt roof bitch would freshen my immediate outlook and leave me smilin once again.  I had not counted on a noreaster that was scheduled for arrival on runway Maine sometime in the wee hours of Friday Morning.

Shit.  There was still entirely too much of the roof still open to whatever elements that might happen by.  So Thursday morning I climbed back on the roof with my tool belt, my sawz all, many sections of bitcha-thane, and a couple of 50 pound bundles of  shingles.   I was going to button up as much as I could before the cold wind blew and the rain came in sideways.

I had given up hope that this time my local weather guy would be wrong and the storm would sweep to the south or better yet die of natural causes somewhere over New York City.  Every weather site, every weather bozo, everyone I talked to, listened to, or tried to ignore agreed we were in for some weather.  Bad weather.  Lots of bad weather.  Maybe 3 or 4 inches of bad weather.

I got busy.  Up, down, kneel, stand up, forget something on the ground, a hammer, damn out of nails again - all day long I fought my tendency to be unorganized.  By 7:00 PM I had only about 20 percent left to do.  By 7:00 PM my energy level was running a deficit.  It was time to quit and get down off the damn roof.  I covered the roof I couldn't get to, battened it down and climbed down the ladder.

The noreaster landed right on schedule.  The rain was coming from the east so hard Stubby would not step off the porch to do her morning business.  I had to pull on a rain coat and shoes and head out into the storm before I even had one sip of coffee in my system.  I figured while I was outside nursemaiding my weather intolerant mutt, I would check the roof to see how my make do tarping effort fared.  It held up just fine. 

Back inside and after some coffee and toast, I told myself I would head to the bike shop.  But I didn't.  I was so thrashed from my marathon roofing efforts, I convinced myself I needed a day off from everything.  I passed out and slept while outside Mother Nature pummeled us with as much moisture as she could muster.

Yeah I felt guilty, but not enough to roust my sorry butt out of bed.  I was tapped out and I knew it.  So today I hope I have recharged enough to at least open the doors.

We'll see.......................................................


Beach Bum said...

Dude, hope you feel better and get the roof finished soon.

Chef Cthulhu said...

Herculean efforts must be followed by rest and recovery.

What BB said.

Demeur said...

Ah geez that reminds me I still have 65 feet of a rocky lawn to rake out from where they put the new water main line.
Hey if you're not busy you want to come over and help me tear out some concrete?

Mike we're getting to old for this crap I tell you.

susan said...

That storm came through here as well and not for the first time I was very glad not to own a house. Once, for 6 years in RI, was enough. You certainly deserved at least one day off.

muddleglum said...

You don't just need a rest, you need a celebration!

Congrats for biting the bullet and doing what needs done.

Hope for the best on the rest.