Friday, October 08, 2010

Tear Down the Metal - Part Deux

I thought that humping the shingles up the ladder would be what I would whine about.  Or maybe the bending over as I tore the old roof off and laid down the new one was what would do me in.   I was wrong.   The part of my body that is still complaining and not working right even after massive doses of across the counter pain pills are my hands.  They have become useless claws.  Just holding a hammer hurts like Hell, nevermind swinging it.  The pain in my right hand and wrist was so bad early on I  switched to swinging with  my left hand.   Accuracy suffered, but I was good for a few more hours until the left hand curled up and refused to work. 

But the section I wanted to roof for this year is 95% complete now.  Maybe 3 more bundles of shingles, some caulking, a temporary cap and I am done with the roof for this year.  Next year I will take on the opposite inside section on the front of the house. 

Oh boy, I can't wait.

I am pretty sure it was 1983 when I put on the steel roof I have just removed.  As I fought to pry out the hand pounded 16 penny galvanized nails I used to attach the wood runners under the steel roofing, I asked myself repeatedly just what the Hell was I thinking when I put this existing roof on by myself.  Each section came off so hard, I was sure that I was not thinking, just pounding nails because I could.  I was 31 years old and still numb as the 28 ounce framing hammer I used to persuade those big spikes into the ancient hemlock rafters that supported my roof.  I am sure they went in as hard as they came out.

The fact that Bike Shop Jim and I had to struggle to remove the nails was actually a good thing.  It showed us without having to remove much of the subroof that the framing was sound.  But I still cussed and fussed.  Damn those nails came out hard.

I have 3 days coming of sunshine and decent temps to finish the job.  Today, I think about it and maybe clean up some of the debris.  Maybe I'll grab a coffee and head down to Town Hall and see if I can roust a demo permit for the dump.  Or maybe I will work on the perimeter trail I am cutting in around my property.  Or  maybe today, I'll do what I do best and just contemplate all the work I ought to be doing instead.  Thinking things to and then past their logcal conclusions can be almost as satisfying as viewing the finished product.  Visions of possible leak free winters to come makes me smile. 

So today I leave the hammer, the sawz all, the crow bar in the garage.   Forget the bitch-e-than, roofing nails and caulk for a day or so.  Let a normal day unfold instead.

Besides, my hands hurt like Hell.


The Blog Fodder said...

Do you recall the blind carpenter who picked up his hammer and saw?

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not going to complain :) but I'll miss the metal roof :(

Drackar said...

Always love that "oh dear lord, why did I DO this to myself" moment.

muddleglum said...

hope your hands are ok now. My wrists and shoulder won't let me do all that anymore, but I remember.

Chef Cthulhu said...

Take a day; you deserve it. I spent much of the spring and summer ripping out and rebuilding a flooded out basement here in RI and had plenty of days like that myself.

BBC said...

I'm surprised that you went with shingles but being as you did it would have paid you to rent an air powered nail gun to save your hands.

I would have went with metal roofing again, these days it's good for 50 years and you would never have to do it again.

And you just attach it with a battery operated drill that is also easy on your hands, and it goes on faster than shingles.

I hate shingle roofs, they don't hold up well, but they are cheaper than other options, but not over the long haul.

I think I've mentioned that the best part of my roof is a material painted onto it, and it's the cheapest way to go also, go figure.

With a fresh coat of paint every few years it will out last me.

MRMacrum said...

Blog Fodder - Hmm. No I guess I do not recall. I tried to recall, but what was there to recall was either deaf to my efforts or never there in the first place. I left without any success.

Anonymous - I will miss it also.

Drackar - One of these days I will run out of those moments.

muddlegum - When the brain forgets, our bodies often take over the chore of reminding us.

Chef Cthulhu - The roof is but the beginning of major repairs that will now continue erratically over this winter. More days like this one are in my immediate future.

BBC - Yes, metal will last much longer. I would not have had to do this with this metal roof had I had available the more up to date materials that are available today. The problem is one of roof design not working well with the flashing materials of the day that I put on.

My reason for replacing the metal with shingles was economic only. Since the rest of the roof has not exhibited any problems, I am contemplating leaving it alone and just replacing a few pieces that have been brutalized by the extreme wind we get here from time to time.

As to the use of an air nailer - I did use one. It was the rip and tear of the old roof that bunged up my aging hands.