Friday, October 22, 2010

Been avoiding this blog the last few days.  Not sure why.  Maybe it has something to do with not having anything on my mind but mundane issues like the roof, the trim on the eaves, and other boring homeowner concerns.  Well, the roof is basically done and now I can move to the next chore on the list that goes on into infinity and beyond. 

I would comment on the recent elections but I am exhausted and pissed off.  This country does not seem to want to do anything but ask for immediate fixes by kicking out experienced help and replacing it with new unexperienced help.  And that's fine.  Maybe it will wake up both parties to the reality that being complacent is not going to work anymore.  And maybe if Obama does not have his party at his back with the power of a majority, he might just show us some of the sand he insinuated when running for office.

I don't regret voting for him.  He was and still is the best pick of the litter we had back in 08.  I did not expect him to have things fixed, just progress on fixing them.  For a variety of reasons, he and his party have disappointed me.  The lack of intestinal fortitude being highest on my list.

So I refrain from venting my spleen as we countdown to election time.  I have accepted the notion that my state will most likely have a poor governor once again.  If either party's offering wins, that is what we will have.  I have decided to vote for the dark horse just because I cannot give my vote to the front runners.

So just call this a a post to keep the process moving along.  I'll be back with something more when I can.


Demeur said...

Life does change when we age. Remember when at the first sign of a leaky roof it would be a direct trip to Home Depot at the first free weekend? Now it's throw a tarp and some duct tape on it until I get the motivation. It's really not leaking that bad dear.

As for politics I hear you. I've almost worn out the mute button.

Beach Bum said...

The lack of intestinal fortitude being highest on my list.

Yeah, Obama has somehow combined the worst of suicidal Hamlet and emotionless Spock.

Tom Harper said...

"Lack of intestinal fortitude" -- that's my biggest complaint too. I never cared that Obama was more centrist than me, or that HCR and financial reform were compromised and watered down beyond recognition.

But for the Democrats to be sitting there so passive and helpless, with the huge mandate they had 2 years ago, and letting the minority Republicans walk all over them -- this has to change. Without a Democratic majority at his back, maybe Obama will become a stronger leader.