Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Oubliette - 250 words

The "I Dare You" challenge this week is being offered up at JM Prescott's blog by guest challenger, Julia Archer.  Write about an Oubliette -  a place to that is forgotten or I might go to forget.  Used mostly to describe dungeon like spaces, it can be almost any refuge from the world one might come up with.  Anyway without any more fanfare -

My Oubliette

“So, you’re the new kid.”

I looked up from my book. Standing over me, a kid twice my size with a buzz cut stared at me hard. “Uh, guess so. Who are you?”

“I’m your worst nightmare.”

Here we go again. Give a beating or take one. What is it with these jerks anyway? Every bully is the same. I went back to my book and ignored him.

“Hey man, I’m talking to you.” Buzz Cut pulled the book out from in front of me.

I looked up at Buzz Cut. “Okay jerkwad, but not here. Not in the library.” I stood up. “Where is it you want to go?”

Buzz Cut looks confused and has no immediate reply. I start walking to the front door of the library. He follows me. “Hey buttface, you don’t turn your back on me.”

“Yeah, yeah, right. Why is that?” I leave the library and walk quickly towards the parking lot. Buzz Cut struggles to keep up. He finally grabs me by my shoulder and turns me around.

I was ready. My right foot found his crotch as soft as his belly looked. Buzz Cut collapses on the pavement. He clutches his tender bits as I stand over him.

“Don’t you ever bother me in the library again. The library is my Oubliette. Got it?”

Between tears and gasping for breath he nods and manages to squeak, “Your Oh bee let? What’s that?

“Look it up asshole”. I walk back into the library.

This is loosely based on an incident from my youth.  Tallahassee, Florida actually.  Fall 1963.  Just started sixth grade and another new school - my seventh school since kindergarten.  A tale enhanced tremendously through rose colored glasses remembering what I wanted to do but didn't.  It would be a couple of weeks later when I finally manned up and took Buzz Cut on.  He was surprised.  I held my own.



David Barber said...

Great little story again, Mike. I always, always enjoy your slice of life pieces. Well done, mate.

BBC said...

Buzz cut reminds me of my brother, a real fucking trouble maker, thought he was real tough. Spent his life trying to prove he could whip my ass because I was a quite and peaceful kid and didn't like to fight.

Never was any draws though, I beat the shit out of him every time, but he never gave up, but he never gave up right into our 40's when he picked a fight with me and I put him in the hospital.

Since then I've refused to be around the ignorant little fucker. For all I know or care he is dead and if he is the planet is a better place without him.

Randal Graves said...

And they say violence never solves anything.