Friday, September 17, 2010


Teaching myself new tricks and habits is always a source of new surprise for me. I am not sure why. I have gone through the motions of picking up new routines many times in the last 58 years. Each time I become comfortable with some new personal tendency or habit, I enjoy the warm feeling of a new pleasure I had not thought of when I embarked on the new path.

A prime example was my involvement in the NaBloPoMo challenge to post every day for a month. I did it without thinking of the residuals I might be rewarded with. It seems I have developed a need to post more consistently. Not better, but with more consistency.  I have even begun to write posts ahead of time. I kind of made a rule that I would start a post and if it did not go anywhere, then I let it sit for a day or two and come back to it. If it still stunk, I would shitcan it. But if I could, I would finish my thought and save it to post later.

At one point last week I had 5 posts saved up. One I just had to delete. It was even worse than my usual drivel. And it was truly obnoxious. Way beyond even bad taste. The other four I have either used or will use on those days I can think of nothing other than hitting the "publish it" button on one of them. I even think this post may end up as a "filler" post. We'll see.


As it turns out, yes, this post is being used as filler, chaff, gild on the lily if one can even presume this blog does not stink most of the time.  Only I wrote this post originally 2 years ago and stashed it among the many "drafts" still on the boards.  While I was not especially desperate this AM for something to put out there, I decided to post it.  I have another long day at the bike shop staring me in the face and if I am going to post every day this month, I needed something waiting to publish for when I get home later tonight.

I did glance at the news for some inspiration.  All I ame up with was more political stupidity that always gets my bowels in an uproar.  So I stopped before that happened and punched up Pro Football and read as much as I could regarding the upcoming game on Sunday between the Pats and the Jets.  Knowing how much the readers who stop by here love Sports, I decided to not reward any of you with my take on the Loser Jets and the exalted Pats lead by Prince Brady. 

I even responded to an email poll.  I thought that might get my creative juices at least wiggling some.  But it was a poll about celebrities, most of whom I do not know, care to know, or would ever contemplate sharing time with.  I answered most of the questions with "don't know", "don't care", or "who the Hell is ........?"  I am sure my responses caused some tick in the results, but not in any way helpful to those wishing to know how America really feels about the relative attractiveness of the beautiful folks who grace our media outlets. 

So I found this old draft and finished it to this point and now I am off to battle the bike shop demons.

See Ya.........................................

Image - Dali"s "Women Skull"  (at least that is what I think it is called - doesn't matter, it is damn clever)

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Randal Graves said...

Hey, I like sports, dammit. If you start going the celebrity route, we'll stage an intervention. And film it for TV.