Thursday, September 09, 2010

Mild Abandon

I told myself I would post every day this month.  I didn't believe me.  I always blow it.  And I know it.  So why do I make promises to myself I cannot keep?

I guess it must be easier to fool myself than anyone else.  Maybe I just need the practice.


If I cannot fool myself, how can I even think of fooling anyone else?

All of which brings up a real stewpot, a hobo pie comprised of multiple odd and irritating human behaviours with a tossed salad of bad habits on the side.  So many tendencies, proclivities and routines that step on other toes.   Obstacles we place in front of ourselves or leave behind for someone else to stumble into.

We don't often discuss our idiosincracies,  the unpleasant edges of character we pick up along the way.  We just live with ours, let others live with theirs, and somehow we all still wake up to a new day.

Ain't that odd?

Showing My Age

Delicate, delectable, reflectable
Something so fragile, less than agile
Is bound for trouble

Something so special
So fine and unique
More often too quick to peak

Leaves brown regrets, frets
The what could have been
The what should have been
If only we had been in

Okay so I am mangling bytes with more mild abandon than my usual tripe.  I'd apologize but what would be the point?  You are either still with me or you never stopped by.  If you got this far, you deserve what you got.  If you never stopped by, well, I guess you dodged a bullet you lucky bastard.


Beach Bum said...

If I cannot fool myself, how can I even think of fooling anyone else?

Fu@k'em if they can't take a joke.

Truthfully I stopped by when I saw the thumbnail pic of the lovely Ms. Bacall on my second blogroll. Bogart was on lucky bastard, I have been in love with that woman since the first time I saw "Key Largo" on the local late show as a kid.

But I would have dropped by eventually.

MRMacrum said...

Beach Bum - Sorry about the teasing image. But I had do something to gussy up this pig of a post. Nothing does a better job than a picture of the most beautiful woman of the mid twentieth century. It's odd though, it was her voice I first fell in love with.

David Barber said...

Mike, I was intending doing what you've decided to do. It was an experiment. I found that because you post something every day, a lot of your stuff gets "lost" and it's almost a wasted idea. I would try every other day as well. Work and visitors also put a stop to my experiment. I may get back to it but I'm reluctant to write flash stories and post them when they are not getting read. Also an idea for a flash piece could quite easily be made into a longer story that you could send off, but you end up posting it just to get a post up.

Just my thoughts.

Have a great weekend.

Randal Graves said...

Perhaps you should make a promise to yourself to promise less.

Do you often plan semi-ahead to what you're going to post about on a given day (not counting a timed item like a FFF, for example)?

MRMacrum said...

David - Of course my crap gets lost. Just some more din for Gunga to carry to the troops.

Randal - Plan? What's that mean? I just sit down and react.

But I have to admit, promising less has some real appeal. It would certainly smooth out some of my self-inflicted speed bumps.

Demeur said...

I can concur there are times when it seems it's all already been said. Unless of course you're Randal then it's always a surprise even when he repeats the msm blather in such a unique way.

Oh did I accidentally give a compliment? Sorry it'll be 20 lashes with a wet copy of the Inferno for me.

BBC said...

If you never did another post in your life it's not like the universe would give a crap or make any change in the big picture.

We're just a bunch of monkeys fucking around and now I have to go burn some bibles, don't care who's bibles, they're all a bunch of brainwashing bullshit.

Beach Bum said...

Mike, where the Bacall beckons I will surely follow. Yeah, her voice is the standard for Sultry.

MRMacrum said...

Demeur - There will be no living with Randal now. Way to go.

BBC - Damn. And here I thought I was changing the World.

Beach Bum - As you said earlier, Bogie was indeed a lucky man.