Sunday, February 07, 2010

Pay Back's a Bitch

Might as well clear up one thing. Why I thought that after many years of getting the same result from the same actions, I would think I might come through my last night's shot fest unscathed - well it is beyond my comprehension how stupid I can still be.

"Drink too much dumbass and tomorrow you will pay."

As predicted, I was but maybe 3 miles into what turned out to be a 17 plus mile endurance event when my stomach told me I was not doing it any favors. The only plus here is that I may have matured some after all. When I was twenty something I would have punched through the throbbing head, ignored the nausea and punished myself trying to prove to someone how much of a man I was by toughing the hangover out. This morning when I finally caught the group at the top of Shaw's Ridge, I smiled, admitted my previous nights stupidity and then turned around and rode back to the bike shop. They continued probably just as happy to be rid of me as I was to be rid of them. On a good day I am the slow poke. This morning I was an anchor.

The Rebel Yell Whiskey is safely tucked away again. The pleasant memory of sweet liquor has been replaced by a days worth of sour stomach. I am once again sober and hopefully this time a tad wiser.

Some of the Why I Have Been MIA of Late

This little project started when the wall you see had collapsed dropping the living room floor about 3 inches. I jacked it up, replaced the rotted plate with PT and then set the whole thing on concrete bricks.

Okay, problem solved. It's never that easy. Before I could rebuild the wall, I had to tear out the work bench that had been there for 50 years. Naturally I had to replace it. So I made it a challenge. I had to use recycled materials as much as possible.

With the exception of the bench vise and the two new ceiling lights, the whole bench and almost all the wiring is recycled. Excluding the vise and lights, cost to me was under $20. All for fasteners and a couple of electrical boxes.

I just cannot believe the amount of material I had kickin around the yard piled hither and yon. Light fixtures, old tables, brackets, plywood, ancient wood, Shit, I just don't know what I will find next. Even the Ghetto Blaster and the Univega clock are recycled. I found the blaster back in the 1980s. It rocks. Pulls in radio stations the high falutin stereo upstairs doesn't even have a clue of. The clock came with some merchandising stuff when I sold Univega bikes back in the day.

It is not completed yet. But soon I hope to find more material in the piles that will inspire the next improvement. At the moment, re-wiring as much of the house as I can is what I am into.



The Blog Fodder said...

Your woodworking shop leaves me green with envy. Once upon a time, i had one too and I sure miss it. I built wooden toys when my kids were young.
Now I'm on 220v and need all new electrical tools. My son kept all my other tools like clamps and such. Too heavy to ship and cheaper to buy here.
No sympathy on the hangover.

Kulkuri said...

When you don't drink, how you feel when you wake up is as good as it gets. At least with a hangover there is improvement in how you feel, eventually.

Nice work bench, would have been a shame to throw out such a nice workbench top.

For many years now, I have been wondering why AM radio no longer works as well as it did way back when. Every time I've tried listening to AM radio UP on the Tundra in recent years, about all I get is static. When about all we had was AM, there were a lot of stations to listen to. I guess it's all FM (Fucking Magic).

MRMacrum said...

Blog Fodder - Hangovers should never be catered to. They are self inflicted stupidity and should be the source of much laughter by those who are not suffering.

Kulkiri - The bench is completely new ( but constructed of used materials). The only part of the original bench I kept are two Oak planks that served as the top. I am saving them for some bookshelves I planned to put in my wife's office.

Hmm, Actually part of the top of the new bench is from the old bench. On the wall over the old bench there used to be a huge pegboard to hang tools on. Made out of masonite, I figured it would be a wonderful stiffener to the new top. I cut it in half lengthwise and glued the two sections to the ladder framing. Then I screwed down the old plywood you see in the picture. The hemlock edge trim came from an old building I did some work on years ago. The trim has to be well over 120 years old. The plywood top came from a cast off piece of plywood we used to cut shingles on. It still has the cut marks on it.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the bottle is such a cruel mistress. But a seductive one, sometimes. At least I've been told that. Yup. I have.

Beach Bum said...

Why I thought that after many years of getting the same result from the same actions, I would think I might come through my last night's shot fest unscathed...

Ah, but life would not be half as fun. A bunch of years ago while in the National Guard my platoon was flying to Fort Bliss for our two week camp and by best friend and I attempted to exhaust the beer supply on the plane we were flying on.

We had a seriously good time although now Homeland Security would probably be notified with armed TSA agents waiting at the gate after we land.

When we got to Fort Bliss later that evening and were being in processed the smell of antiseptic cleaner in the building sent my friend and me to the nearest latrine. After we finished puking which apparently echoed down the hallway we both heard the laughter of the rest of our platoon echo back.

We promised never to do that again but on the flight back we forgot that promise.

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Randal Graves said...

I'm with you on the booze thing, but all that hard work looks like hard work.