Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blogging Etiquette

My recent blogging flareups got me to thinking about how we bloggers conduct ourselves out here in the ether. I first wondered if I was breaking some rules, written or unwritten. I figured that since I had been interacting with people out here since the days of the Newsgroups of the 1990s, I knew how to wander around without pissing too many people off. As in real life, I know we cannot rub shoulders with folks without rubbing a few the wrong way. But for the most part I was pretty sure I was behaving half decently most of the time.

Rather than use this post to condemn the actions of others, I thought I would check out some other sites for hints and points to consider about my own behaviour. I googled "Blogging Etiquette" and of course Google took about a millisecond to pump up more sites than I could check in a week.

As I read through several blogging posts, online articles, and op/ed pieces about blogging etiquette, I decided that I was conducting myself within the parameters of what could be considered decent blogging behaviour. Some of the hints/rules caught me though as I remembered an occasion or two when I didn't do that, or did do that which was considered by the self appointed expert as being outside the accepted ranges of blogging etiquette.

The bottom line I think is I get what I give. If I want to be an asshole, then I should expect folks to be assholes back. If I want to make friends wherever I go, then I need to be very cautious about opening my mouth before I know the temperment of a particular blog.

The one thing I have decided is that once I have screwed up and angered or insulted someone, if I have done all I could to make amends, then I need to move on. They either get over it or they don't. They either accept my apology or they don't. If they have not responded to my efforts to make amends, then I assume all is not forgiven , but oh well, that's on them I guess.

The one thing I would ask of anyone whose nose I have tweaked, if you have a problem with my actions or inactions, please e-mail me. Having negativity hanging out there unresolved is never good for a healthy interaction. For either side.

For more on Blogging Etiquette here are some sites that I touched base with:

~ Suite

~ Blogging Without a Blog

~ Blogging Tips

If I have one major weakness, it is my failure to respond to the comments on my posts. I do it, but not consistently. I will try to do better. Note that I said try. That is all I can promise because until I prove that I will, trying is all I got.



sunshine said...

I agree. You get what you give. In most cases at least. :P

Of course there can be problems, just like in real life.
I hate drama and confrontation though. In real life and in the blogging world.

That is why I try to always be kind to everyone.
Hopefully I will get what I give. :)

Have a great day Mike!


Mauigirl said...

I haven't had too many problems with any other bloggers who have commented on my blog and vice versa. There is really just one person who I've had arguments with and I think we've just agreed to disagree. I still occasionally visit this person's blog and when the topic is not about the controversial issue I still make a comment now and then.

Interesting tips. I think, like you, my biggest problem is having time to respond to comments - although I try to at least post a general "thanks for all your comments" if I don't have time to respond to individual ones.

One thing I noted is they say just saying "great post" or something really short isn't considered worthy of a comment. I do tend to do that occasionally just to let the writer know I agree and have read and valued his or her post. Perhaps Blogger should come up with a "like" button like on Facebook!

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Ignatius Pig likes this.

There are times when I disagree with what you write, and on those occasions when I have expressed this disagreement, I hope I have conveyed my opinions in a respectful manner.

I try to react within the limits set by the overall tone of a post, or the whole blog, or my perceived disposition of the author. Some blogs are screeching and wild in nature, and I take a few more liberties when commenting on them. On others I keep it very level. You touched on this in your post, and quite thoroughly, really. Just thought I would second what you said.

MRMacrum said...

sunshine - I don't mind confrontation within certain parameters. It's the snippy, mean crap that gets my goat.

Mauigirl - The fellow who commented below you is one guy who I disagree with on the political side of things on a regular basis. Yet, I would call him one of my good friends out here in the blogosphere. I actually enjoy his opinion because he states it clearly without the emotional baggage that usually accompanies political opinion. And he is usually on target more often than I will ever admit to his face. Hence my odd comment back to you.

Seems to me there is a definite gender thing going on with comments. The ladies seem to get along better as a rule, but when things get out of hand on their blogs, it gets ugly in a heart beat with many of the regulars picking sides. Guy blogs tend to let two guys slug it out while the rest of us stand around watching. When they are done, everything goes back to the way it was.

I like your FaceBook button idea. That would be a great add on.

El Cerdo Ignatius - first thing - do not read the above comment. Being Canadian, I know you will follow directions. So thank you before the fact.

No, you have never been inappropriate. You have always been civil even when you piss me off. And that pisses me off.

Seriously, your points are always well recieved here in the BoZone. First and foremost, you never go off half cocked like I have a tendency to do. And that pisses me off also. But there it is.

Randal Graves said...

A. Oh, so everyone's going all tea n' crumpets now, doilies and politesse and shit? I guess that's what you get for living too close to Canada.

B. Where's my embassy moat?

C. Great post!

D. All of the above.

Demeur said...

There are those of course who get a sick pleasure out of pissing off others.
And you're right guys seem to duke it out while the gals start a cat fight with sides being taken. So I guess life on the web is much like life off the web.
And if we all didn't know Randal he'd have been thrown out of here long ago. :-P

Barbara Swafford said...

That's true. We do get what we give; both in blogosphere and in real life. Karma, you know?

Controversy is not my thing, so I tend to stay away from blogs which are. That's not to say what they share isn't read worthy, I just prefer not to surround myself with negativity.

What I also see is many will "shoot the messenger", so to speak, instead of just disagreeing with the message. In those cases, my heart goes out to the blogger as they don't deserve a personal bashing.

By the way, thank you for the link to my blog. I truly appreciate it. And although I do say answering blog comments is "proper" etiquette, I also see many who don't and do just fine. So I guess it goes back to the adage, "there are no rules with blogging".

MRMacrum said...

Randal - Canadians are indeed a bad influence. Decent behaviour should never be tolerated.

Don't you guys have a river and a lake out your way? Buy a boat, then you gots your moat.

Demeur - The only difference I think is that the ability to stay incognito emboldens people more on the Internet. Some of it good, some of it bad.

Barbara Swafford - Thanks for swinging by. Of the pieces I read, yours and the other two seemed to be the best representatives of the general idea of how to get along out here.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Randal, I'm in tears, I'm laughing so hard. "...tea n' crumpets now, doilies and politesse and shit?" Hahahahahahahaha!!!! I guess I never imagined a sentence where the words "doilies" and "shit" could be conjoined.

Clearly, I need to get roaring drunk and come back here all obnoxious-like. Then you'd be digging that embassy moat like there's no tomorrow. Maybe I'll write to Sunshine and we can show up drunk here and be nasty simultaneously.