Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Cold

It's cold out there. Damn cold. It has been colder, but this year it seems colder. Maybe it was the almost summer like November we had. And maybe one more winter has dug deeper into my bones sooner than expected. Regardless, it's damn cold out there.

Entering my 29th straight Winter here in Maine, I wonder why I always have to reacquaint myself with the cold. You'd think that after all this time, it would be like slipping into some old shoes that immediately make me feel at home. But no. Every winter I suffer this tough but brief period to acclimate my body and hopefully my mind to the next three months of snow blowing, ice scrapping, and shivering in the car for fives miles before it warms up.

It's not that I am especially sensitive to the cold. Actually it is more the opposite. I will wear shorts and flip flops in 30 degree weather if the Sun's out and there is no wind. My wife and I keep our house thermostat set at 60'F. On occasion, we will bump it up to 65'F. But then once we have warmed up, it quickly gets reset to 60'F. We don't do this out of any notion of conserving, saving the planet, or saving us money. We just like a cool house.

Many old farts from Maine move South in the Winter. The annual migration is now well under way. Too many tough Winters piled up I guess. I always said I would never do that. I lived in the South as a boy and hated it. Hot sticky weather sucks in my opinion. More so than bone chilling cold. This tough guy attitude of mine was fine when all my limbs were still somewhat limber. But now that my appendages are starting to rebel, I can relate to the desire to spend Winter in more friendly climates. Today anyway. That's for sure.


PipeTobacco said...


I too am not fond of the reacclimation to the cold weather. Yet, as I progress on my daily 4-5 mile walk OUTSIDE for near my 450th day, I remind myself how helpful it was for me to get my "winter" blood quicker and I enjoyed the winter a helluva lot more than I had the last few winters.


On another note:

I am not quite sure who I should notify, but I have participated in the meme you sent to me. Should I inform the others who were part of the story as well?


On a final note, I apologize, I accidently posted my comment multiple times (Internet lag I presume, confounded me.). I have sent the excess copies to the trash can.


sunshine said...

I hear ya!
It can be tough to become used to the cold and snow again.
It is snowing like crazy here again today and unfortunately I have to go out in it. I've given myself a real nice headache just thinking about driving over to the department store.

We keep our home cool as well but that's because my husband is cheap about somethings. :P


El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Sir, I can relate. Every year, in November or December, I get horribly cranky about the cold weather. But it's a nice day here, not too cold (about 30 deg F) with some light flurries.

But sure you jest here:
I lived in the South as a boy and hated it. Hot sticky weather sucks in my opinion. More so than bone chilling cold.

That's why you ought to go south in winter. Y'know, when it's not hot and sticky - more like a pleasant day in Maine in August or September. Now, as for visiting the South in summertime - I've done that a couple of times, and it was hot beyond belief. I couldn't believe there were folks who could get used six months of super-hot, super-humid weather. Mind you, they probably think I'm nuts for living in Canada.

About a month from now, when the bad windchills have set in, I'll be thinking the same thing.

Randal Graves said...

Thanks for eating my comment, blogger. I blame the cold.

sunshine said...

Hi Mike~
I'm bored... sigh.
Just thought I'd come in and say hi. :)

BBC said...

When I was younger I didn't mind the cold at all. But at 66 with many beers behind me now I hate it.

I wear warm clothes and insulated boot outside now and keep my place at about 72 degrees and damn the expense.

Not that it costs much to heat a 12 X 15 foot room. All the other stuff in the rest of my domain pretty much doesn't care if it is heated or not so there is no point in me heating it.

Anyway, other than a little cold snap last week it's decent here now. 43.9 degrees at the moment and raining.

No snow, and none expected for the next week. It looks like I will be camping in the rain on christmas next week but that beats the 15" of snow I camped in on christmas day last year.

Beach Bum said...

Actually with global warming spawning mega-hurricanes and the loose pythons crawling up from Florida eating housecats and the occasional poodle I'm hoping many of the people that moved down here decided to move back north.

For me four years serving at Fort Carson, Colorado cured me of any desire to see snow ever again. During a training exercise one winter I got nerve damage to the toes on both feet and real close to actual frost bite. Since then cold weather makes my feet hurt.

BBC said...

For me four years serving at Fort Carson, Colorado

Why was a beach bum in the military? I know why, I'm just wondering if he does.

Beach Bum said...

BBC I know why I was in the army, but I'm curious to understand the working of your chaotic gray matter, so tell me.

Kulkuri said...

I can sympathise with you and the cold. It isn't real winter here, but The Old Lady had to scrape frost off the car windows before going to work this morning. Next year we'll be living UP on the Tundra and have to deal with real winter. She is looking forward to going shopping for the Jotul wood stove of her dreams to heat our place. There is a propane furnace, but there is something comforting about wood heat, when you aren't either sweating or freezing.

Having lived in a number of places, if I had to live in a place that was hot, I'd vote for the southwest where it is a dry heat. The only wet heat I like is in the sauna.

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