Sunday, April 05, 2009

Promises - An Odd Progression

No matter how many words are spoken. No matter how many words are written. It just makes no difference in the scheme of things to come. People will do what they do, neverminding what they may have said or promised. We seem destined to fulfill preordained existences. No matter how much we try to alter the outcome, it comes anyway.

Promises never amount to anything unless they change into something else. Completed tasks, satisfied agreements fail to stoke the memory like a promise broken or not fulfilled. Why do we remember the disappointments more than the obligations met when it involves someone close? Might it be because we hope to educate ourselves away from breaking them again? And still as we hope this time being the one, we harbor thoughts that around every corner another broken promise hangs waiting for us to run into.

Wisdom comes with age I am told. Wisdom is acquired it is said. Takes time and patience to become wise. Some never take the time to become wise because they have no patience. Many think what they survive was not avoidable. That nothing they did might have created the World they have to deal with. They live Life faultless, always looking to others to scapegoat their mistakes, their broken promises, their self inflicted damage.

All these thoughts come to mind. Mixing and meshing on a merry go'round in my mind. I try to stay seated until it stops but reaching for the ring I fall off and have to hang on for dear life or I fear I will be flung off.

Clowns walk by with lighter than air balloons clutched in white gloved hands. They try to pass me some to lift me off this mind bending carousel. Many horses on poles fly by and the clowns have to withdraw their offered help. I grasp frantically with one hand and hold on with the other. As the whirling disk of poles, horses, blinking lights and hurdy gurdy music picks up the pace, I lose my grip.

Science takes over as the physics of something at rest no longer remains at rest. Tracjectorial math figured out by Physics Professors causes my mind to fly into some unknown place to once again abruptly become an object at rest. I consider why the clowns jumped out of the way after promising me so much with teasing balloons.

I don't blame the clowns. Not anymore. It was not their fault I was confused. It was not their fault I seriously considered the promise of a clown.


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BBC said...

Wisdom comes with age I am told.

Sadly, this is true. We do not teach our kids to be wise about the important things by the time they are 20.

Oh well, from the looks of it not many of them will see a hundred anyway if they are under 20 now.

And just forget their kids, that isn't likely to happen. But it will sure be more peaceful here.

Na, Billy won't be here, as Billy, but spirit will be.

Demeur said...

Sometimes I wonder if our existance is not just the result of some bio chemical process and as such in a sense preordained by our own genetics and chemistry.

What do you think?

Kulkuri said...

Years ago I read a thing where the gist of it was, You are a Fluke of the Universe. In other words Shit Happens, works for me!!
The thing with 'preordained' stuff is why do we have the power to think and reason if it doesn't matter what we do, it will still come out the same??

"Wisdom comes with age I am told." Some never get wise, just old. Some are wise regardless of age.
My first thought on reading this post was, "What is he smoking and why doesn't he share???" The clowns went over my head.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

so you had another of those dreaded "falling off the Merry-go-round" dreams again!! Having just finished watching "John Adams", I couldn't help but notice your post as a smacking of the same skill of word phraseology-----all of the above has nothing to do with the point of your post----which quite frankly I didn't quite get---was it important?

MRMacrum said...

BBC - Oh many of us try to tech our kids, but before we are twenty we think we know it all. We spend our twenty's figuring out we don't. Then the next 20 years we spend in the pursuit of wisdom. Or not.

Demeur - Sure, get all scientific on me. I wonder if there is a "I listen to Clowns" gene? If so, I have the dominant one.

Kulkiri - Yeah, this little post has been drifting around in the edit posts section for awhile. I cannot even remember what series of events or turmoil first set it into motion. Just that it was a stream of conciousness/unconciousness piece that admitted to not having any more of a clue than I did 30 years ago.

Old Dude - Just me admitting to being a regular passenger on the bozo bus.

Randal Graves said...

I'm sorry, I don't have the time to be anything but a clown, but I hope to trip over some wisdom some bozo dropped on the sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

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