Wednesday, April 22, 2009

50 Pictures

I really should be working on my business plan. Or I should be asleep. Even at 4:25 AM, fooling around on the blog creates pangs of guilt. I feel the need to utilize every waking thought to efforts to salvage my business. But you know what? Screw that. I can only be consumed by something for so long before I either explode, or walk away for a time. A sanity break. Or insanity break. Take your pick.

The other day I was reminded just how out of touch I was with the pulse of this shrinking world. I hit the Drudge Report for a quick overview of what was happening in the World and I came upon a link to the 50 worst celebrity pics of 2008. Say what you will about Drudge, but the man has figured out just what headlines to link to draw in the millions he does everyday. I visit because his political link list is huge and saves me the trouble of keeping one myself.

I punched up the 50 Worst Celeb Pics link. I was immediately tossed into the world of trash journalism I used to only see while waiting impatiently to check out at the local Piggly Wiggly. I took the time to look at each picture. When I finished, I sat back and realized I only recognized maybe 5 people out of the 50. Am I out of the loop or what? 20 years ago, I would have identified at least 20 of them. All those celebs begin to look alike when all I see are drunk pictures or naked body shots from 200 yards away. I did enjoy the picture of OJ in handcuffs while the verdict was read.

But all in all, perusing those images of celebrities not having the best of days, was like looking at some strangers family photo album. I felt no connection to most, and the poor quality of most images looked like an amateur took them. "Oh Look, here's our darling Ami smoking crack." People caught up in private moments that happen everywhere everyday. Yet, because these folks have done something famous, been something famous, or were born famous, somehow these Kodak moments of them living below their fame are worthy of being printed? I just do not get it.

Keep it 'Tween the Ditches..............

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Kulkuri said...

The racks at the checkout are always full of bad celeb pics. The best one is of "Batboy".

My stomach isn't strong enough to look at Drudge's blog or listen to Rush, but I guess it's good somebody does so the rest of us know what kind of shit they are spreading around.

Snave said...

Agreed with Kulkuri, on all accounts!

Don't know if I could tolerate going to the Drudge site on a regular basis, but in this case, I might have to go check it out... even if looking at the bad celebrity photos might serve as a somewhat-depressing reminder of the state of American culture today more than it would serve to entertain me.

I know what you mean about needing the sanity/insanity break once in a while. Because I tend to take so many such breaks, other things often tend to suffer... most notably the cleanliness of my house and the condition of my yard. But, what the hey. A person can find quite a few interesting things when he or she takes the little sidetrip now and then.

A Midnight Rider said...

There is a group that writes up those sites so we don't have to go there.


Chef Cthulhu said...

I dunno' if I could look at that.

Now, if Drudge had a "Celebrities being loaded into a bus and napalmed" photo gallery, I might click on it.

Snave is right on...the culture of celebrity in this country has my unabashed hate. Most of them are people who do nothing or precious little of any use, and because they are beautiful, or know someone, or "did a sex tape" the majority of the rest of our fat, sick, lazy and undereducated idiocracy gives them de-facto "royalty" status, let them tell us how to live, and do whatever they say. Most of them could perish tomorrow and I wouldn't blink.

Wow, where did that come from? I was in a pretty good mood today!

BBC said...

Even at 4:25 AM, fooling around on the blog creates pangs of guilt....

Why? You think you are supposed to have a fucking life beyond that? Ha ha ha.

I feel the need to utilize every waking thought to efforts to salvage my business. But you know what? Screw that. I can only be consumed by something for so long before I either explode, or walk away for a time....

When I had my last business I loved it and loved spending a lot of time on it. And it grew a bit each year.

But that was before the days when I got so interested in computers and got on the internet. Hell, back then we were using DOS 3.0 and I hadn't heard of the internet yet.

I just bought a computer for the business and to put out a weekly news letter in that town because it didn't have a paper. I still have a copy of every news letter I put out.

Anyway, if I was going to start a small business again I would drop the internet in a hot second.

It uses up too much of my time and makes no difference to improving a small business in a small town and is simply not needed.

As I was talking to Helen just a bit ago it occurred to me that maybe a small drive through cotton candy stand might do okay.

The monkeys like little treats to get their minds off of other problems for a bit.

But I won't start one, it was just a thought is all and I don't need the money.

Anyway, the best thing you can do for your business is to not turn on your computer and get on the internet. Not that we wouldn't miss you though, we would.

I don't do the Drudge site, good luck.

BBC said...

Keep it 'Tween the Ditches....

Don't tell me what to do, ha ha ha.

Demeur said...

Here's an idea. Hold a contest for the best business idea. The winner gets an award created by you. And at the bottom of the award you put " I won the Lost in the Bozone contest and all I got was this Crummy award". Sound like a winning idea?

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

The old Roman Emperors had the same problem---how to keep the circus acts entertaining enough to keep the people distracted from their everyday problems----after a time people get back to dealing with their real lives---which could explain the big turnouts for the now growing popularity of the T.E.A. parties we are seeing today

Linda McGeary said...

I know what you mean. Being out of the loop.
The first time I heard someone talking about Paris Hilton on TV, I said to my husband, "That's a funny way to talk about a Hotel". He looked at me like I'd just dropped in from outer space and said, "That's because it's not a Hotel, it's a woman".
That was the beginning of my re-education of the younger, beautiful people/actors.