Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Product Endorsement

It does not matter how I found this website. Through a convoluted series of brain skips and forks in the roads of my mind, I stumbled upon these folks in Massachusetts who make organic Earth friendly soap. I would call them Hippies, but well, first of all I do not know them. Second of all, we all know Hippies are too busy being stoned to take baths, so soap is not something dirty Hippies would be interested in. That is of course if you like to live off stereotypes. If so, then why would a Hippie make soap?

Anyway, their name is "Just Soap" . Their claim is their soap is organic, biodegradable, and handmade. Handmade? Well, not exactly. The owner found that mixing the soap to proper thickness by hand was a tedious and tiring chore. Mixing by hand necessitated smaller amounts of the pre-soap brew which meant his prices had to be high to compensate for all that hand labor.

Being a cyclist also, he decided to find a bike builder who would help him design and build a soap blending contraption powered by foot pedals. Their efforts apparently worked. He can now produce more soap in less time by pedal power. His prices are kept down. His commitment to Eco-friendly means of production are met. And I assume he has more product to sell and possibly live a little more comfortably because of it. Win/win all around.

My experience with handmade soap is limited. But so far, all I have tried has been a pleasant surprise over the mainstream soap I find at the super market. I will be ordering some of this soap. It looks like the best bang for the buck handmade soap I have seen. Most of the organic soaps I have purchased are more the size of motel room bars and way expensive. "Just Soap" seems to offer value along with a good product. They even age their bars for two months to harden them up so they will last longer. In addition, there are hints to increasing the life of a bar of soap.

I realize this endorsement is based on no more than a website visit. My plug is solely based on the method of production, I felt the urge to give these folks some props. At some point, I will follow up with my impressions of their soap. I am partial to oatmeal soaps. I think I will start with their version.

See Ya.............

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Chef Cthulhu said...

I'd love to do two things...

1. Get my wife some; I think she'd love it.

2. Find a display of it at a store, relabel it "Just Fudge" and watch the hilarity.

Snave said...

Ya gotta LOVE creative things like this. Thanks for posting!

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

organic soap----I will put that on my lists of things to give serious pondering too-----and who knew?? I always thought Oatmeal was just for breakfast-----live and learn.

Linda McGeary said...

Hi, Just read through all your posts for the month so far. Some interesting stuff. I enjoy your creativity.
I have a friend who lives in Sisters, Or. who makes her own soaps. Used to have a small gift shop where she sold it, but as you point out, labor intensive costs can kill a good thing.
I can see why that would intrigue you with a bike being the power behind the increased productiveness.
Your story of sneaking out at night, made we think of my two sons at that age. I had to smile. You had a wise dad.