Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random Thoughts - Purging Some Deadwood

The Grass is not always Greener

Once again a brief encounter over the Internet has offered me some insight into the humanity that does exist inside all those electronic bits and bytes that bring folks to life on my computer screen. Once again I am reminded that my petty troubles I insist into mountains are nothing special, grand, or remarkable. And watching another who I would think should be content and pleased with their station fall prey to the the same misgivings and personal issues I have makes me feel some comfort. We are indeed all just Bozos on this Bus. And we all seem to feel pain and joy in similar ways. Thanks PT.

The Final Debate

This was the best debate. There were personal in your face moments I will remember for a long time. Both Obama and Mccain were predictable. Both did what they do. I am glad the ACORN stupidity was put out there. And Ayers may now be given the proper burial his non influence deserves. That moment of righteous indignation by John as the self perceived victim of an slurious attack by a fellow member of Congress. That was great. In that moment, I could tell why I dislike him so much. Insisting one more time that Obama repudiate the opinion of another person not directly connected to him. McCain came off as an angry, bitter and frustrated old man who projected the idea that his years of wasting space in the Senate entitled him somehow more than Obama to be President. John it won't matter if you energized your base more. You fell flat with the people you should be influencing. Good job. Keep up the good work.

At Some Point I Guess I Should Start Worrying

Yeah so the Dow dropped through the floor again yesterday. I know I should be concerned. And I am. But I have a real problem getting fired up over something I have no control over. What little we have salted away in our retirement funds will either be there or not when the time comes. Wasting perfectly good fussing time over it seems such a waste when what I should really be worrying about are the Red Sox and my Pats. There are some things in Life more important than money in the bank. The boneheads in charge will most likely get it wrong or they will accidentally and without intent stumble upon the right combination of lucky and timely manipulations and we will go out to our mail boxes one day and find one million dollar checks. But with postage due.

That Music Just Don't Cut It

My usta back in the ole days of trying to find divine inspiration, punching up some music and crankin it to wow was a sure fire way to locate the center. The well from which all my creativity trickles. Yes Music used to inspire. Tonight it is getting in the way. Blocking my loose dog manners and my tendency to not need a point in order to open my mouth. Turn the volume up to just below painful. Sit back. Contemplate my naval a moment or two. Consider the first word. Wiggle the fingers. Place them gently on the keys and.............hammer down.

Lately however, music seems to distract me. No. The answer is simple. Get the right tune on for the specific frame of mind. Just punched up Bruce Hornsby. There you go. Typing in time to the beat. The man knows his way around a piano. Some nights it's blues that does it, sometimes head bangin metal. On occaision when I am up for it, some gospel with a smidgen of classical tossed in will break the monotony and as if by magic I will find many meaningless words set down before that last chorus of praise the lord dies out inside my brain. Tonight it is Bruce Hornsby. Go figure.


Randal Graves said...

Wasting perfectly good fussing time over it seems such a waste when what I should really be worrying about are the Red Sox and my Pats. There are some things in Life more important than money in the bank.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

As for the debate, I was surprised just how angry McCain seemed. It's so unlike him. This business with ACORN The Destroyer must have really gotten to his sense of decency.

Music seems to be cyclical. 99 times out of 99.2 I go to music to jumpstart something and even if a particular piece doesn't work, and I end up contemplating my navel a bit longer than I'd like, I'll try something else, a different genre.

I hope whatever that young lass is purging wasn't Bud Light or equally crappy beverages.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

I lived to long in a free country, where a man could by his own drive and hard work become whatever he dreame----I find it very sad to now see a presidential candidate actively promote a ceiling of a mere quarter of a million dollars as the extent an individual is allowed to dream, anything more than that will be taken away and given to others, who didn't care to work that hard----
your right MCCrum--we should spend our time worrying about important stuff like how our local spots teams are doing---we don't need to worry about our selves, the government will provide for us.

Demeur said...

Wow that post brought back a few memories of Sartre. But I digress, what's left to focus on when every thing's been poisoned. You can only go back to better times in your memories.

We'll think the better of our retirement funds when we're all eating chinese dog food with no teeth in an ice cold apartment. I guess if we're lucky we'll just pass quietly in our sleep before that day happens. I'm sure the government would appreciate it.

Sorry for seeming so dismal. I guess I had to do some purging of my own.

MRMacrum said...

randall - Yes, I was more than a little surprised at McCain's high level of acrimony. He has so far been such a reasonable voice when considering the wide eyed whackiness of Obama. Why would any of us want the government to help out our neighbors when we know the folks at the top are hurting so much? 700 Billion dollars is such a small price to pay to keep their limos and jets re-fueled and ready to move them through their back breaking days.

Old Dude - what can I say to a guy who never follows up on his comments? Not much I guess.

Demeur - Purge Away. I posted the photo as a sort of beacon for those in need of a good purging. "Look everybody, over here. Yeah, here ya go. Puke your guts out right here. Free of charge and don't forget that one important truth - There is no better feeling in the World than the moment immediately following that last dry heave as you gaze upon the lining of your stomach as it swirls around and around....and around, oh no , not done done yet....."

Sarte? Interesting. I would have guessed Alfred E Newman, but then I have low expectations. I know who I really am.

Demeur said...

Gary? Ignore him and he'll go away.

Randal Graves said...

Feel free to ignore my query about gary in your post above. He was serious. Yikes.

"Heh heh, Sartre? I like Cam-uss, books about strangers, I read that, heh heh."