Saturday, October 04, 2008

Hannity & Sarah

It's my blog and I can break the rules if I want to. Even though I promised myself I would not let the heated political atmosphere poison my blog, I got sucked in anyway. And then once I realized this and promised again to do better the next time if given a second chance, I have (as he bows his head in shame and falls prostrate before whatever, the tree, that bush, or the picture of MOM so prominent on his bed table)- I have once again failed.

It's that loser Hannity's fault. I fell asleep last night with Fox News on. Don't ask. I just do not know. Anyway, I figured I had because I woke up to a dark thirty re-run of the previous evening's Hannity show. Instead of having a nightmare, I woke up to a nightmare. All I can figure is some shadowy figure from the dark side visited me in my sleep. Whispering sweet Neo-Con lies in my ear while trying to wrest the remote from my sleeping clutches. I seem to remember a dream about a tug a war and losing. And then I woke up and my man Hannity was poisoning the airwaves.

Hannity has such a hard on for Sarah Palin. I would guess he really believes her shit does not stink. I imagine in the privacy of his office or closet or whatever hole he lives in, there is a Sarah Shrine. Right next to the one or maybe instead of that shrine to Mother Mary of God. Conveniently located close is a paper towel rack for those inevitable accidents when the Sarah Rapture becomes more than he can handle. At least he is practicing safe sex.

So I was exposed to Hannity's take on the VP debate. All I heard was "She cleaned his Clock". or, "It was no contest, she wiped the floor with Joe". In between his subliminal sexual lusting, he could only regurgitate the same lies Sarah used in the debate. At the same time bring up the lies Joe said and act as if only one of them walked on water, and it was not Joe. The typical "Fair and Balanced" approach I have come to expect from our friends over to Fox News.

So screw Hannity. Screw Olbermann(Hey- no one can accuse me of being unfair), And screw O'Reilly twice just because he deserves it more than all of them. Just what did I think of the debate? I came away feeling no different than before I wasted the 2 hours on it. Joe did a competent job of tying McCain and Palin to the failed policies of Bushco. Sarah did a competent job of not answering questions. She hardly cleaned Joe's clock, but I am sure Hannity would love her to clean his.

Her performance reminded me of Bush from 2000. She is an DC outsider she says. Almost verbatim what Bush said back in 2000. She wants to use bipartisanship to get things done. Ditto what Bush said in 2000. She claims her and McCain are reformers. Almost word for word what Bush said in 2000. All in all, I think someone might want to check under her hood to see if Dubya is not trying out a new fashion style. At the debate I listened to a George Bush with tits. Same lines, same fake folksy garbage. And what's up with those winks Sarah? Trying to get every Neo-Con In America rushing to the bathroom for a time out?

And we should trust them when they say they will shake things up and reform? Is America this stupid? Are we going to swallow this kind of rehashed, pulled from the go to bag of political chicanery? Our track record is pretty dismal. But maybe this time we will surpass our previous lousy choices and pick the black guy who is hands down the better choice.


Randal Graves said...

Falling asleep to teevee is one thing. But to Hannity? Don't be surprised if you have some FauxNews-related nightmares in the near future.

If America falls for this same crap for a third straight time - and let's face it, wingnuts and "undecideds" are voting for Palin, not McPOW - then whatever comeuppance we've got coming to our up is well deserved.

It's okay to vote for a brother America, really, it is.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

I have the same feelings about ABC'S Gibson---so much of our media is locked into their bias's, that an individual can no longer assume anything thats broadcast is not twisted and distorted. Regardless of which party/candidate you are in favor of---it won't really make any difference. The congress this week just paniced and added a trillion dollars debt to the taxpayers tab---and put the government into the real estate business. The country has just taken a giant leap into socialism, all problems now will be dealt with by the national government. no more individual thinking required.

Demeur said...

Spot on Mac. We've got two stolen elections under our belt and the McCain camp is trying desperately to clink to that power. Yep it was Bush in lipstick.
I have no objections about this nation leaning towards socialism if the little guy actually gets some benefits, but this was just another robbery of the Bush Company. The first was the no bid Haliburton contract.
Palin? I wouldn't vote for her for dog catcher. She left her little town with a $20 million debt and a zoning mess. I know people in Maine would have taken up pitchforks and torches if a mayor did something like to them.

American Hill BIlly said...

I have fallen asleep to such crap before. Watching to consciously is funny, but sleeping, and waking to it, seems like I've driven for 20 hours. No Rest.

Hannity is an absolute fascist. Ron Paul if anyone, does portray an Iconic Republican. He won debates, and Hannity would basically say it was rigged; even thought he was the one HOSTING IT??? He's a fascist; as pure as they come.

United In Peace And Freedom

BBC said...

I promised myself I would not let the heated political atmosphere poison my blog, I got sucked in anyway.

Well, your spirit did anyway. You watch Fox News? *rolls eyes*

I haven't turned a TV on for months, computers and the internet are the next evil, come on man, keep up.

Run amok, what the fuck.

But I had a great time this weekend and will start posting in the morning. Actually, I think you would have loved it also.

robin andrea said...

I saw your comment over at Morning Martini this morning and thought I'd come by and say hello. Nice blog you have here and wonderful writing.

Hello from Santa Cruz, CA.

Middle Ditch said...

Oh don't you just love those men? Who falls for that?

You have such a great way of writing your posts. I so enjoy reading them.

roger said...

nice blog, young dude.

it's a tough balance between hiding under the covers and watching the train wreck of reality.

hannity is likely an OD.

1138 said...

Do you know what they call Fox news in Russia?

RTN Retro TV Network

MRMacrum said...

randall graves - I would say it is about time to vote for a brother. Especially one who is so obviously better equipped to handle what might be coming. I want a fresh perspective. Obama at least offers that.

old Dude - even though you don't come back to your comments to follow up - I have nothing but disdain for most of the high end newscasters out there. Does not matter which side they lean to. Your fear of socialism is so old school. That's okay. But I would say that by following the herd that has been chasing a boogeyman that does not exist, you have allowed the boogeyman on your own side to have free rein and look what he did.

demeur - I would prefer the Feds stay away from healthcare. But since it has been allowed to mutate into some kind of cash cow where the health of the people paying falls behind the urge to line pockets, I see no alternative but to have some federal regulations in place. Obama's plan calls for private plans but with federal oversight. a compromise I hope we can live and prosper under.

american hill billy - Hannity is the perfect poster boy of what is wrong with media today and why we need to get our information from many sources before we fall in line with what any network tells us.

bbc - yeah I watch Fox News. It is important I think to do so.

I used to run amok. Now I don't run anywhere. Running is for losers. Give me a bike and I will gladly pedal amok.

robin andreas - thanks for the stop by. I have stopped in over to Morning Martini a few times and like Pop's attitude.

middle ditch - being from over the pond, it's nice to know we men have some influence somewhere.

roger - balance seems to be all I have left now. And it is starting to get shaky again.

1138 - Guess the Russians are sensitive to giving Foxes a bad name.

Snave said...

I would imagine Hannity thinks Sarah Palin doesn't ever shit. The Sarah Rapture indeed... That paragraph of yours brings up some horrific imagery! The pictures might be unfair, and they would definitely be imbalanced. I have fallen asleep to infomercials a number of times, and when I wake up to the next infomercial or the next one, it's very disconcerting... but to wake up to Sean Hannity at dark thirty in the morning ("Dark thirty" is a great expression!!) would be terrifying!!

I admire people who can listen to FOX "News" or right wing talk radio without becoming ill. You're a better man than I am, Mac! 8-)

A Midnight Rider said...

Much of the division of the country has it's roots in radio. People like Ruch, Hannity, Savage and Bill O are a poison that don't need to be acknowledged.

As for me, I have all Fox stations blocked on my TV. News or otherwise. No need to listen to that stuff, and I won't give that company any of my other attention.

I don't need to watch the debates because I made up my mind who I was going to vote for in 2000.

Being an educated, union worker with a family, I would not consider voting for a party that is more interested how much money they can scam out of lobbyist, than the future of America.