Thursday, October 09, 2008

McMonkey Gets Desperate, really Desperate

Okay, John McCain and his side kick Sarah are now putting the coal to the Ayers connection to Obama. Fine. I love it. So something a man did what, 40 years ago, is somehow now shared by Barack when he was eight years old? That because these two were on the same foundation and worked together on community issues and not bombs or insurrection, Barack's motives and Patriotism are in doubt? Bullshit. The desperation of McCain and Palin is hilarious.

Seems to me knowing a domestic terrorist is a damn site better than voting to protect them. Twice in the early 1990s John McCain voted to block laws aimed at curtailing anti-choice domestic terrorism. He voted to protect murderers and bombers.

I like the ring of that. It has just the right amount of indignation without going too far. Some spin, but not too much. No facts distorted, just the conclusion. How's it feel you flounders drooling over Sarah and the short guy? How's it feel when the shoe is on the other foot? I am sure you do not care. Seeing anyone but a Democrat in the White House is much more important than the issues that really eat at this country. Get your man on a Message we want to hear. Stop the stupidity over Ayers. There is no better way to describe it. Simple stupidity.


BBC said...

I'm surrounded by stupid people. I hope that Obama gets in but I don't expect him to fix anything, he has his own self interests and they are tied to big money also.

I wonder if the monkeys in this country will ever get smart enough to vote in a poor working person instead of the rich.

Na, that's just a little delusion I enjoy having, like getting a gander at Palin's tits.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

with less than 4 weeks til election day, it wouold appear according to the polls that the neo-leftists have sold the public on their program. I myself don't aggree with the lefts agenda, but majority rules---it is my prediction that an Obama Presidency will not be a bright spot in the history of our country---I hope I am wrong but--(sigh) time will tell.

Randal Graves said...

It ain't terrorism if it's done by a fundie cracker.

I certainly wouldn't classify Obama as a lefty by any stretch of the imagination.

Anonymous said...

There's something about the O-man that I like, but sure do wish he were far more progressive left than he's letting us in on at the moment. Yes, I know he'd never get elected if he did.

Now, Crummy, to the point why I'm posting. I resent without reservation or qualification of any kind your libel of me as a "flounder". Just because Sarah turns me on with her wicked good barracuda 'n dominatrix look is no need to go attacking my fetish for such women.

Your libel aside, any idea if barracudas eat flounder?

MRMacrum said...

bbc - I am not looking for Obama as our saviour. He is a politician ferchrisakes. He will and already has pissed me off. But when I look at the alternative, I cringe to think we could be facing 4 more years of the same failed Republican leadership we have had since, let me think. Yeah I guess the last good Republican president in my opinion was Ford. Didn't do much - a good thing. Was a calming force in a tumultuous time - a good thing. Yeah every Republican since Ford has been a party first country second president.

old dude - it is as if you will be disappointed if Obama does well. Classic. As far as bright spots. Any president in the history books near Bush ll will be bright spots in comparison to the black hole in history his eight years will have created.

randal graves - yeah I forgot. Only Muslims practice terrorism. Sorry about that. When a Crhistian does it, their overwhelming faith in Jesus and his buds made them do it. Definitely a big difference. Makes perfect sense for a Pro-Lifer to take a life in their quest to save what essentially has not been determined and agreed upon as Life. But they know best. They read the Bible.

prester john - I do not care which way Obama really leans. I like him. I am voting for him. Just putting him in office will signal significant change. Whether it is change to the good or not, only time and events will tell.

You are only a flounder if you let what turns you on in the bedroom or on the rack translate to the vote you cast. I am sure barracudas would eat a flounder. But Palin is no barracuda. More of a Blow Fish in my opinion.

Dawn on MDI said...

Hmmm. I know some real dominatrixes (dominatrii??) and trust me, the Alaskan governor ain't qualified. Not by a long shot. Most true dommes are terribly smart and excellent communicators. She does look good in heels, though. If only she'd shut the hell up. Who was it that said it? It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. No shit.

behindblueeyes said...

McCain is getting increasingly desperate...and it shows. He lost it a couple of times during the debate too. You can see that the strain is getting to him.

He has not compass anymore. EVerything that he believes in has caused our country to come drashing down. He is not prepared with any new ideas or solutions. He is in uncharted territory that Republican politics are not redy to address.

I don't believe that Obams is going to be able to fix everything. But like you, I like him. I feel a peace come over me when I think of him being in the white house as compared to McCain.

We are living in portentous times!

I still say that Sarah Palin is frigid.

Anonymous said...

Well there we have it.

Crummy says Sarah is nothing but a Blow Fish. Dawn says my fetish babe ain't got the whippy to be a domme. And BlueEyes goes as far to say my Sarah is frigid.

Have none of You3 an ounce of decency among you ... I mean to so summarily crush my fantasy of Caribou Barbie like this?

But I remain firm in my take of Sarah. When I see her I hear music .... the theme from Jaws.

BBC said...

Sarah Palin is frigid? What in the hell do I care? I'll gag her anyway, she hasn't got to move a lick, I'll take care of the movement. She can look at me with hate in her eyes while I smile at her.

Um, never mind, better not go the rest of the way with this thought.

American Hill BIlly said...

I am cheering for Obama simply because he'll make the "bitter pill" a little less. I don't care but he's met with Ayer's a few different times, but in the same regard McInsane has had a lot of shady dealings. In the end they all seem to be crooks.

United In Peace And Freedom