Thursday, April 06, 2006

What's up with That?

The crux of the matter is I am over tired and unable to string enough words together in coherent unison so a clear point can be made. Yet I insist on sitting here, banging away at these keys. I am sure that if can just keep my eyes open long enough and my fingers dancing around the keyboard, some special nugget I thought of earlier today will magically appear and make my day.

I am on a fool's errand. I am out of cerebral gas. The cranial void is not just empty, a cold wind is bouncing off the walls. Driven by the vacuum created from a tough day of labor. Exhaustion of body and mind.

It is odd. I enjoy the feeling of being drained. I savor the moments I am completely wasted. Especially if my depleted state was the result of fruitful endeavors. Today was such a day. I am content I gave today my best effort.

Yes, as I sit here peering through slitted eyes and numb brain, I am savoring and replaying the productive little bunny I was today. I did this. I did that. I caught up on old business and created new. 16 plus hours chock full of unbridled energy. And now I can relax. Instead I sit here and continue to rack my brain. What's up with that?