Saturday, April 29, 2006

Have a Nice Day

Another day in the life. I woke up after 5 hours. I endured another late night repair marathon at the shop. Pulled in the drive at 1:30 AM, staggered into the house, sat on the couch and passed out. At 6:30 AM my my black girlfriend, Stubby, woke me licking my face and batting those beautiful brown eyes at me. No concern over my late night, she was ready to play. Damn dog!

Well, I am now up and almost clear eyed after that 3rd cup of coffee. I had the urge to share some poignant and startling revelations that crossed my mind yesterday. I am sure they would be of interest, but dammit, once again, retreival seems beyond my reach. So what we have here is just another meaningless and pointless waste of internet band width. But since I sat down to write I am writing. Have a nice day. I know I will. Going for a night ride tonight.