Friday, April 14, 2006

Instead of Sleeping

Well it's 2:30 AM. Here I sit in front of the 'puter after a particularily grueling 18 hour day at the bike shop. The spanking I am getting from the business this Spring and the first tick of Spring I just pulled off my leg is a sure sign this Spring is going better than last year. And that's cool. The steady cha ching of the register these past few weeks is awful reassuring.

Last year Spring was an eight week wet fest. Cold and dreary outside, I watched full shelves gather dust. Another one like that and I would probably throw in the towel.

And even though I will pay for this consistent midnight to dark-thirty clock punching, I am enjoying this business again. I'm pumped, stoked, jazzed and out of control. Anyway, not sure why I decided to share, but I did. Life is good at the moment.