Sunday, May 01, 2005

You can skip this.

When I sit down in front of this 'puter to pour my soul into my blog, I seem to approach it in one of two ways. Sometimes, I find it necessary to bring everyone up to date on what's happenin in Mike's life at the moment. I find my life very interesting. I am sure everyone else will too. And then sometimes I just sit down determined to write something. Anything. Whatever pops up. Totally random, I will type madly, without any consideration of content, theme, or style. Stream of conciousness rants that sometimes work and sometimes don't.

Tonight, I cannot seem to make up my mind which way I want to go. I had a subject I wanted to discuss. It now sits in a draft limbo, unable to get off the ground. I successfully wrote a few words about my over the top attachment to junk. And now I sit and explain it all. Hmm.

I guess tonight is a random session. I just want to see words go down. That's okay. It's the act of writing I enjoy first and foremost. Bonus if it makes sense.

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