Sunday, May 01, 2005

A Cat's Tale

One of our cats was born sick and almost 2 years later, GG is still sick. I am afraid he is not long for this world. He coughs, sneezes and sounds terrible. All the time. Poor guy. He sits at the window and looks out all day. I know he wants to go outside. What cat doesn't? But he can't. He's sick. Sometimes I just want to let him go and have a blast with the time he has left. It just ain't right keepin him from the fun all the other cats are havin. But we keep him inside. Afraid he will become more stressed than he is, keel over and die.

Bob, our oldest tom, is just the opposite. He stays out day and night. Eats anything that he can fit in his mouth. Well, he's not too partial to toads. He went through a spell when he was kitten. Ate the big one in the basement and then immediately puked it up on my pillow. He generally lives off the land. If we see him with his face in the food bowl, we know it was tough day hunting. Healthy and huge at age 9, he shows no sign of letting up. I think he is actually getting bigger. No Coyotes, Bobcats, or Fishers have grabbed him. His survival instincts are finely tuned. He'll tackle a squirrel, but draws the line when confronted with the irregular troop of passing wild turkeys.

So we have G and we have Bob. One yearns to be out and about and one lives the dream. One sits and slowly dies. And one sems to defy death. Proof that Life is indeed not fair.

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