Thursday, May 19, 2005

Nothing to say

Trying to fulfill my own expectations, I stopped in tonight just to keep this blog gig moving along. Some fresh commentary on whatever I might come up with. Hopefully fairly soon too. Having not sat down with anything particular in mind, it will be as much a suprise to me as to you what the night's subject might be. Until I locate some interesting point to make or rant to vent, I will subject all of us to words of zero sum value, wasting several bytes of memory somewhere out there in the intangible internet ether.

Marriage - Hmm. Always fertile ground there. No marriage is without anecdotal possibilities or spleen venting potential. The signifigant other is always finding unintentional ways to piss us off or ways to tickle us pink.

Workplace woes and worries - I could fill a book and barely touch the general overall feel. And who really cares anyway?

Trips down memory lane - Always the "go to" subject when all else fails.

Favorites - Music, Art, Novels, poems and hobbies. Interests that tiitillate and fulfill my free time but no one else's. For most folks not the page turner I think it should be.

Sex - This will keep em coming back. Unless of course there is no sex and that's what I talk about.

Medical histrionics and hysteria - We all have aches, pains, stitches or an operation or two. And for some reason we like to share the ugly details with each other. A friend waddled into the shop the other day fresh from his recent vasectomy. Made me pucker and instinctlively grab my nads to protect them from hearing the blow by blow.

Sports - I really enjoy sports. All kinds of sports. But like politics and religion, I get my fill on the various forums I visit. Minimal blog time here is through concious deliberation and hard won self restraint. We spend too much time discussing the latest trades, outrageous salaries, releases, wins and losses. Just how many different twists can people put on whether Lance will really retire or is he really a doper?

Self Analysis - Maybe one of my unconcious favorites. Falling into the feel sorry mode is an easy trap to fall into. But once again, any interest to those outside my small circle has to rate a tad over zero at best.

Smitten and in Love - Well written prose on Love and being in it is near impossible to do well. Most times, it comes out like some lovesick juvenile writing I love you over and over again in their history notes instead of paying attention to the professor. At least my stuff does. So I don't go there very often.

That's but a few of the possible subjects to delve into tonight. But as I considered and wrote a little on each, none offered up any clever or witty ways to impart them to my faithful fan base. So I guess, tonight, I have nothing to say.


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