Saturday, August 22, 2020

A New Level of Stupid

I never anticipated the level of Stupid some of my fellow citizens could attain.  It seems the 2 thousand people who make up a Facebook Group called "Loaded Guns Pointed at Benis" have reached new heights or maybe depths of moronic behavior never before in existence.

Using some obscure and at this point, unfathomable Right Winger Logic, taking a picture of  themselves pointing their handgun at their crotch somehow "owns the Libtards".  Regardless, it appears that finally someone ruined the fun and shot their sack.  Fear not though, these rugged individuals gave the hero a big "atta boy".  That'll show them dirty Liberals who is serious and who is not.

The madness gripping my country at the moment is really beginning to do more than just worry me.  Each new day with Trump in charge of the tensions between us makes sure we hate each other as much as possible.  The animosity is so thick it cannot be cut with a knife.  The only way I see our anger with each other dissipating is by wearing it out until both sides are just too exhausted to carry their cause's torch another inch.  And given the entrenchment tenacity in play at the moment, it will be years before we see any serious bipartisan cooperation like it used to be.

The new normal is beginning to take shape.  Fight it wherever you can.

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Nan said...

Maybe if enough of shoot their balls off they'll go extinxt.

I am not as pessimistic as you. I believe the majority of the population is still sane. It's just that the loudmouthed lunatics get the spotlight so often it's easy to forget normal people still exist. The only hope for politics, tho', might be a serious emergence of a third party. The Republicans have driven themselves so far to the right and have been so welcoming to the brain dead that they can't survive much longer.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Some people should breed and I thought they could simple go and find a doctor to do vacastmy. I went though kootenai county and they was having some type of trump rally yesterday. A little bit on my blog post on these people.
Coffee is on

peppylady (Dora) said...
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one of those dufuses shot himself in the balls..served him right.

PipeTobacco said...

So. Damn. Stupid.

Their mean heart did them in.


The Blog Fodder said...

Hell of a way to get a vasectomy but likely cheaper than having a doctor do it. Chlorine in the gene pool