Thursday, March 21, 2019

Looking Forward

Okay.  So I recently mentioned I was going to refrain from political posts as much as possible.  And I am planning on doing that.  Today's post is an indicator of what "as much as possible" means.  I made the rules here, I will manipulate them anyway I want.   So yeah, take that, Guilt Guy, who exists inside my brain cavity there in the back next to Mr Regret.

I long ago established that I am comfortable politically inhabiting the Left side of the aisle.  My range will change some, but I am more of a home body who likes to think of Home sitting next to the tracks on one side or the other.  And over the years I have consistently favored the Shack on the Left over the one on the Right.

I like knowing the Middle is usually where things end up.  Not getting sucked into the extreme claims of the folks who exist on either cliff side is a number one goal for myself.  I have learned to hear the wackos out, but never trust them.

Having been raised to be a Republican, my change of heart came after living through the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.  America was finally realizing Life in the States was not some Leave it to Beaver TV script.  There was just too much wrong in the country and it seemed the Right was consistently on the wrong side of those wrongs.  Their politics were and still are to some degree an effort to resist the Future from taking over their perception of their Past.  The Left, on the other hand, seems destined to always be looking to take on the Future and screw the Past.  I liked that when I was 18 and I like it even more now.

The reason I feel looking forward and evolving is better than holding onto crumbs from the Past is, if we are constantly looking for ways to improve, there is a better chance of actually doing it than sitting on our hands and telling ourselves, "Life is Perfect".

We live in/on a world that has done only one thing consistently.  The one constant our world and we share is change.  Nothing stays static.  Nothing.  And it only makes sense we all work to meet and hopefully control that change as much as possible.  Looking to the Past as the Right seems determined to do only ensures we will get bushwhacked.

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Kulkuri said...

Well said.


I'm not being political..I'm trying to save our asshole at a time.

Ol'Buzzard said...

Republicans seem to idealize the past. I lived through the past and it was not great. I don't have that much hope for the future either, because the basic nature of Homo sapiens is chaos. We are a violent and self centered animal willing to kill our own on individual or massive scales for some perceived dogma. Let's not forget that fifty percent of our population in on the down side of the IQ curve, and right now they are pressing the buttons and pulling the leavers.
What has gone around comes around.
the Ol'Buzzard

robin andrea said...

It all looks pretty hopeless to me. I'm an old lefty, always have been and always will be. But nothing on either side of the political spectrum can save us from over-population and the destruction of our planet. If humans could disappear in a painless instant, things might get better.