Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Not About Trump

Yesterday I had nothing to write about other than another Trump post.  I claimed I would be attempting to rein in my bizarre fascination with the man and not post about him.  Well, its another day, and like Trump, I don't have to live up to my promises.  I don't have to keep a civil fucking tongue in my head because well, Trump doesn't.

Hmm .................

This post is not about Trump.  Rather, it was to be about my total disgust with America first and the whole species second.  I was going to lay into our lazy complacent culture and eviscerate everyone from the deep pocket puppet masters to the blue collar good ole Joe who thinks his coal mining job can be saved.  What a planet of morons, ...............

But no.  Another choice for discussion fluttered around the edges like a kid in class who knew the answer and butt hopped in their seat while trying to reach the ceiling.  That kind of fluttering.  The teacher was having none of it and looked to pick on the kid passed out with his head on the desk.

I decided that what was important this morning was Pot.  Marijuana.  Doob.  Because if I can't fight the nationwide apathy, I might as well join it.  Isn't there a well worn saying about that?

So of course if I am going to waste bandwidth on cannabis, I should get in the right frame of mind.  Hold on a sec. .............................

Ah yes .......... There ya go.  Now I'm going with the flow.  Mr Natural like.  And if I was 19 again, this is all I would want.  A nice morning buzz to go with a solid cup of coffee.

Seems it works pretty good at age 66 also.  Some days it is just impossible not to smile.

Later ....................................................


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PipeTobacco said...


That sounds like a wonderful way to spend a morning to me! SOME day I too hope to try out that greener leaf. Eventually I will find myself in a legal state where I can try it out.

I know that the reality is I could and probably should have tried it sometime before this, but it is not BECAUSE it it illegal in my area. It is really my own damned worrying that keeps me from knowing. I worry about damn near everything, and it keeps me from doing a lot of (good and bad) things in life. When the worry is to intense, I avoid things.

Hell, the pipes and pipe tobacco that I truly love.... I now avoid... in reality, I think because the WORRY about smoking a pipe became too strong relative to my pleasure from it. That was really the strongest motivation for me to refrain... it reduced (somewhat) my worry.

It is a helluva stupid way for me to live sometimes, but it is a big part of my drive... to reduce worry. And, it really is rather pitiful in a lot of ways.


jadedj said...

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Ol'Buzzard said...

It also works in your late seventies.
the Ol'Buzzard