Wednesday, January 07, 2015


So it's 2015.  Another year has passed while another new one spits and sputters its way into life.

I have become so used to each year being wasted with rampant global stupidity, I decided I guess a couple of years ago to pay as little attention as possible to said stupidity.  Nothing seems to change much.  Good or bad.  We continue to put idiots in the drivers seats and allow them to take us wherever their interest lies.  So this year it is the Republicans who will dictate the road trip.  Already their best blowhards are posturing, slapping each other on the back, and rubbing their hands together in anticipation of screwing the average schmoe more than usual.

I especially like the Right's call to bi-partisanship.  I know they know what it is called, but over the last twenty five years I became convinced they did not have a clue on how to actually do it.  Yet here they are trying to be the gracious winners and give the impression they want to include Democrats in their plans.

Hmm ..................................... I say Bullshit.

Regardless, I will enter 2015 as I have every other year.  With some enthusiasm and optimism that this year will at the least be no worse than the previous year.  Unfortunately it is becoming more difficult to hold onto any hope of a brighter future past the first of February.

Happy New Year ... and oh yeah ... Keep it 'tween the ditches.


Kulkuri said...

Those who say things can't get any worse show a definite lack of imagination!!

All we can hope for is that the harm caused by the "Rampant Stupidity" in this country will be minimized. Or as several commenters have been known to say, "We're fucked!!"

Hope you have a Happy New Year in any case!!

Ol'Buzzard said...

Hunker down for tomoorw - it is forecast to be cold; no, really cold.
Good to know you are still in the race.

But, one thing I have figured out in all my years: it is not suppose to make sense. You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you put your right foot in and you shake it all about....
the Ol'Buzzard

The Blog Fodder said...

Happy New Year