Monday, January 12, 2015

Is Satan Real?

Sometime  this past summer I found my latest edition of  "The Watchtower" stuck in the storm door.  I used to actively resist rubbing shoulders or other body parts with folks of the intense religious variety.  But now I have come to terms with the Lord and how folks feel about him/her.  With less time left than I had yesterday, I decided there were things I would not, could not deal with any longer.  I still have lots to cram into what time I have left, and worrying about stuff like God, the Devil, and where they sit regarding Good n' Evil is riding the pine at the moment.  Odd how if it feels Good, it is probably Evil.

So I have become friendly and polite to the couple of Bible thumping Witness Ladies who seem intent on saving my soul.  And instead of tossing their fine comic in the trash as soon as I hit the kitchen, I take it to the office, crack it open for some comic relief, and give their propaganda a chance to turn this heathen into a believer.  Truth be told I usually open it when  under an influence of one kind or another.  And though I should treat said periodical seriously, I chuckle more than is religiously safe I am sure.

The one issue that really caught my eye was titled,  "Is Satan Real?"

I wasn't sure if this was an open book test or was I suppose to provide an essay answer and then open it and find out if I was right.  Not wanting to be caught cheating as the consequences could be rather dire,  I opted to consider the question and come up with my take before finding the "truth" of the matter between the covers of this Witness magazine.

I decided that it does not matter if Satan is real.  It does not matter if God is real.  Reality is flexible when considering notions that are created in the mind and not a result of observing the physical world.  Besides I don't care if Satan or for that matter if God is real.  If either of them are that interested in torturing me in the afterlife or before, then they need to get a life.  My impact or influence is pretty far from having any effect on the over all cluster fuck that makes up life on this planet.

I actually think a better question would be "Is Satan Evil?"  I wonder if somehow the whole Good v. Evil thing has been twisted bass-ackwards over the years.  Anything that feels good is "Evil" , yet inflicting pain and anguish on people in the name of God is somehow "Good"?

I dunno, seems one might be the other , or at the least, not much difference between the two.  Which leaves me in a quandary........... Not.

Good and Evil are not black and white.  They are every color under the Sun.



Nan said...

I have no idea if Satan is real, but I had a boss once who came close to qualifying for the title.

I read the Watchtower occasionally at the laundromat. Some of the articles are remarkably . .. I'm trying to think of a good way to phrase it. . . readable.

Ol'Buzzard said...

If there was a hell that would be my preference: spending eternity with the good church going crowd would be hellish; I would rather party with my bros: booz, sex and rock and roll and the devil can play base.
the Ol'Buzzard

Anonymous said...

A few days ago I paused on the Catholic TV channel EWTN. It was a riot watching the mass. On the flip side I couldn't help but feel sympathy for those poor thing in the audience.

Even with our education and wisdom there are still those who believe in talking snakes, heaven, hell, a god and a devil. Sheesh.

MRMacrum said...

Nan - Absolutely, "The Watchtower" is readable. And not as preachy as one would think.

Ol'Buzzard - I sometimes think that our concept of Heaven and Hell is a defense mechanism to the fear that there is nothing after we die.

amidnightrider - Never feel sympathy for a Catholic in church. Just be grateful you are not a Catholic in church.

Demeur said...

I think there's a part of our brain that seeks out answers to questions that can't be answered. We therefore make something up to try and fill in the gaps.