Monday, February 17, 2014

The Angry Internet Persona

After such a long absence and an even longer neglect of the nuts and bolts of my blog, e.g, listed blog rolls, websites, etc., I decided to purge the ones abandoned by their previous owners, sift out the sites that had been closed. locked up and key tossed.  It was time to clean up my act.  Not a complete make over, but at least sweep the floor and dust the shelves.
I started with my main page and the various sites and blogs I have listed for you my audience.  Truth be told, I know I use them more than anyone else.  It is easier than finding them in my cluttered blog file in the bookmarks section buried deep in the gulliwots of my 'puter.

I deleted some, but found it hard to lose some also.  "They might post again", I thought.  "I always enjoyed reading his/her thoughts."  So I left many on the page alone like a lover leaving the back door open hoping the light of their life returns.  Hmm... Well I did not actually look at it that way when I did it.  I just thought of it that way now and felt the need to draw the example that had briefly rested for a moment, long enough to remember it had been by.

Any-who.......While dubbing around with old E friends and looking for new ones, I stumbled upon a blog whose internet persona is so negative, it makes my random dips into the depths of shitty outlooks look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm in a bad mood.  If you don't know Rebecca, then think of the most irritatingly optimistic person you know.  The guy ( I call him a guy, because the persona is definitely emitting male rays).... This guy has nothing good to say about almost everything.  Even when he is congratulating someone, something, he still manages to insult and denigrate them first.  

I love it.  I am not sure if I like his posts or the comments after the most.  This guy has insulting down.  The best flinger of flames I have ever encountered.  And for that, he deserves a well done, atta boy, keep on keeping on trophy from me to him with love and kisses.

If you feel like having somebody tear down your ego, ruin your day, or just want to read the ramblings of a man filled with more hate than a Tea Bagger at an anti gun rally, then you can find him here.  And please do not tell him I sent you.  Not sure what he might say if he knew I was a fan.

One of his prime focal points is the over abundance of fakers out here in the Internet fog..  Men pretending to be women, Kids pretending to be adults, uncool pretending to be very cool.  He thinks, and this is but my opinion.   I am sure he would tell me I am wrong with as much venom as possible, ...well he feels the Internet is full of assholes who use aliases because they don't have the balls to post as themselves.  He has a fixation on uncool kids from high school projecting cool kid images when they become adults.  At the same time he rants and raves about all us fake personas, he uses one himself.  And just to make it appear he has a regular audience, he uses fake names to comment on his own blog.  

I know, or at least feel he is pulling our legs, yanking our chain and laughing at how clever his humor is even if there are not too many people who would get it.  I am not sure I get it.  But I do enjoy his insults.  They are top line.

I googled the image to find out who was responsible and Google informed me their best guess was Angel Boligan Corbo, a Cuban cartoonist living in Mexico.  I checked out some of his stuff.  Lots of talent.  


Nan said...

I have a dead person on my blog roll. How's that for optimism that he's going to post again someday?

Harold Caidagh said...

Good work. You're a regular veteran of the InterNutz. For sure, the internet is more real than meatspace life, and definitely, you don't get much of anything right where my blog is concerned, and triumphantly, you imagine, you are above me with grand ironic gestures of complaint about how full of hate I am.

Nice work. How long you had that degree in e-psychiatry from Boll Weevil Online Shrinkworks?

BBC said...

I don't have a blog roll.

I've never pretended to be anyone other than who I am, lock, stock and barrel along with my address and phone number, and I've been pretty fucking insulting many times but no one has showed up at my door to shoot me.

These monkeys are too busy with their own stupid shit to bother with that and don't have time to get away from their keyboards.

I bought a tablet the other day, I'm too fucking stupid to get it working right so I'm returning it tomorrow.

MRMacrum said...

Nan - You never know. He might get bored with the hereafter and weigh in again.

Harold - Well now. Thanks for stopping by. I certainly do not think I am above you, beside you or under you. You are just words on the screen as just like me.

BBC - Yeah, you don't pull any punches. Neither does Harold. I think that is why I like you both. I have never tried to hide my identity either. I figure if I am going to write something, I should own it.

Harold Caidagh said...

It was the "words on the screen" that I was speaking of, Simul.

There. I've teed one up for you. Since there's no pitcher throwing heat or curves or junk, you should be able to get on base with a half-hearted swing at the pelota.

Tom Harper said...

I also have a lot of dormant blogs still linked at my site, since "they might post again." Sometimes they do.

The only times I've deleted a link is when the blogger takes his/her site down, or when a site gets hijacked and turns into some sort of spam site, financial clearinghouse, singles dating service, etc.

The Blog Fodder said...

Thanks for leaving mine up there.
Here are some ideas for your fiction writing. DO NOT READ before going to bed. They scared the shit out of me.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

It is my intention to be back at the blogging trough... someday.

Thanks for leaving the porch light on.

(P.S. Hi - hope you're well.)

Mauigirl said...

We seem to be on the same wavelength. I just did the same thing with my blog - after 7 months of non-posting I decided it was time to come back, and I did do a fairly big housecleaning of my blogroll as well. I sadly removed anyone who had not posted in a year or more. Plus I did remove a dead person and one who I am worried might be dead as I don't know what happened to him. But I thought after 4 years it was time. I am still hoping those people may return though so the door is always open to adding them back!