Saturday, February 15, 2014

5:00 AM

It is Five O'clock in the A.M.  Been up now I guess a couple of hours.  Never suffered insomnia much until about ten years ago.  Drove me crazy at first.  Lose sleep three or four nights in a row, and that next day can become some kind of surreal trip through Reality.  Like Tripping without the good rushes.

I think I have come to terms though with my sleepless nights.  It still bothers me, but now I just go with the flow and deal with my days the best I can.  Not allowing the anxiety a place to roost actually gives me a chance to enjoy the quiet and solitude of a home at rest.  Fixate on the insomnia and it only makes it worse.

Since my re-entry into the blogging world, I have been exploring, searching, trying to find new folks to meet.  Seems my old blog roll could use some updating.  Many of the blogs I used to visit intermittently are either gone or there has not been a post for years.

I understand that Blogging is not the cutting edge latest hip communication gimmick it was ten years ago.  With the advent of Twitter, Facebook, Smart phones and other instant gratification platforms, Blogging seems almost like snail mail.  I have a Twitter account.  Signed up shortly after it came out.  I have tweeted exactly once since then.  I am on Facebook, but only visit my page when forced to by my wife or daughter.

Seems to me if I tried to incorporate into my life all of the E-gimmicks that are available, I would have my eyes glued to some screen 24/7.  From the looks of things out there in the real World, that is exactly what has happened to a sizable portion of our population.  Everywhere I go, people are staring down at their smart phones while their thumbs dance across the screen.  No one can handle their days without constant connection with someone or someplace else.  I am almost positive now, we have collectively gone insane.



Nan said...

One of the modern age's little ironies is that the people who complain most loudly about the NSA and invasion of privacy are the ones who are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. documenting for the entire world that they're having a hot dog at Home Depot, just bought a new widget at Costco, and post endless selfies. Remember when everyone's personal life contained a few small mysteries? Those days are gone, probably forever.

I like the slower pace of blogging. Neither the writer nor the reader are looking for instant gratification.

jadedj said...

I suffer from the same sleep malady as you. And as you, I've just learned to live with it. Usually, I get up after 4 - 5 hours and do a drawing or something constructive, which is a positive aspect of insomnia.

Unlike many of my age group, I have embraced the new era of electronics. But, I AM disturbed by the disengagement of a large portion of the world, in particular the texting crowd. Beyond the anti-social aspect of it, the fact is, it's just damned dangerous to be that disconnected with the real world...especially those who do it while driving. Holy

Ol'Buzzard said...

When I was smoking - after sex my wife and I would light up a cigarette. Now I just roll over and take a nap. But, I wonder if the younger generation immediately after sex reaches for their cell phone?
the Ol'Buzzard

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Sorry you are suffering.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Tom Harper said...

I saw a recent travel article about Cuba. The author said the most striking thing about the people is that cell phones, smart phones, etc. are still uncommon in Cuba. Most people were actually looking at and talking to the people they were with, and were tuned into their immediate surroundings instead of staring at their hand.

BBC said...

I never have been much of a sleeper so it is easy for me to get up and wake up the computer. But I still only use Blogger and not any of the others available.

I still go to the bar to socialize.

When the graphic first popped up my first thought was, "A woman's brain."

robin andrea said...

I still prefer blogging to any of the other social mediums out there. I do use Facebook, but mostly just to post a photo or two and read what my friends are up to. We don't have a smart phone, so we are not connected 24/7. The world has definitely gone collectively insane.

BBC said...


They know how to have fun in Fremont.

MRMacrum said...

Nan - Taken as a whole, the American population is nothing if it isn't ironic, while at the same time a tad moronic.

jadedj - 4-5 hours? That's a full night's sleep for me. even before the insomnia.

Ol'Buzzard - Does that nap occur before or after sex?

WordsPoeticallyWorth - Thanks

Tom Harper - I'll add that to my list of reasons we need to normalize relations with Cuba

BBC - A woman's brain? - Excellent. Some might argue a similar image of a man's brain would be an image of nothing. But I disagree.

robin andrea - One of the advantages of being an old fart is I get a pass from the 20 somethings regarding my bah humbug attitude about the new E toys.