Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Worthless Post about a Useless Human

So I am looking around for stuff to write about, rant about. I found some glimmer of interest and hope inside when I spotted the story about a French gay soccer team and a French Muslim soccer team. But as it turns out, just more of your basic religiously wrapped homophobic crap. Play ball ferchrisakes. The French have their own way and their own thing. Given the weirdness we come up with here in the States, I hesitate to call any furriner on the carpet. I moved on.

I was so stoked to have my first cup of coffee this AM, I actually made it myself. No, the World did not come to a screeching halt. I have not, to my knowledge, received a recent blow to the head. I just had a hankering for some Joe earlier than the usual 4:30/5:00 AM perk off. I'm standing around tapping my feet waiting for the coffee to finish perking ferchrisakes hurry it up , I need caffeine, when on the small analog older than dirt TV sitting near the kitchen table, a story uniquely American comes on. Well maybe not uniquely American, but it came as no surprise to me. We have our fair share of shallow and useless people.

Seems some jet setting Hollywood bimbo who also happens to be blond with perfect teeth and a permanent false smile has raised eyebrows of even the most jaded entertainment sycophants. Apparently she refused to go to her 26 year old sister's birthday party. If we stop here, this seems like personal business we should have no real interest in. Family shit and all that. Sisters can be brutal to each other. But of course the credo of the Hollywood rag reporter is find a story no matter what. It appears this young bimbo would not go to her sisters birthday party because she was not being paid to appear. In your face Sis.

I thought this incident would have more impact if I knew who was involved. But it turns out, no, knowing their name means nothing. Who the Hell is Heidi Montag and what has she done to deserve this much notoriety?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just wasted 15 minutes of my life I will never see again reading Wiki's entry about this useless and talentless human. And to make this whole joke even more bee-zarre, I am subjecting myself to more self flagellation by writing about her here. Some days I guess I just wake up in a S&M frame of mind.

I promise to do better next time.................

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BBC said...

I did not realize that I was posting comments you were tired of putting up with. Here I thought I was one of the friendly voices.

I did not say you was one of them and I did approve your comments after I found them.

I'll read this post this evening, lots to do now.

MRMacrum said...

BBC - Uh, yeah you did. Re-read your comment on my previous post.

"Some of you comments for some reason didn't get to me via my email, I just discovered them in the dashboard and approved them, most of them, but not the ones that I'm tired of putting up with."

Regardless, you can shit can any you want. Just me bein a monkey screwin the pooch anyway.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Dear Macrum:

I have read yet another of your posts, and I await your payment of my fee for doing so.

Yours etc.
Ignatius Pig

Randal Graves said...

Dammit, Ignatius stole my joke. I demand paym - oh, never mind.

I should ask my sister to pay me to show up at her next birthday gig. She is a hardcore wingnut after all, and I'll need that extra loot to pay for the case of aspirin I'll be popping afterward.

sunshine said...

Too bad for me, I DO know who she is... ugggh.
Her and her husband "Spencer" are nuts!

Hey! Are people getting paid to read you? Ummmm... I demand payment! ;P


BBC said...

Heidi Montag Wanted Cash To Attend Sister's Birthday Party.

There is pure vanity for you.

But as it turns out, just more of your basic religiously wrapped homophobic crap.

The monkeys on this planet will never learn to get along.

BBC - Uh, yeah you did. Re-read your comment on my previous post.

I think you are still processing what I said wrong. I made it clear that I approved the comments after discovering them on my blogger dashboard this morning. For some reason they didn't get emailed to me. It's the internut, shit happens, sometimes it doesn't happen, or work right.

I've never had any problem with any of your comments, we've snipped at each other a few times but I don't really call that a problem.

It's the asshole or assholes that was only at my blog for the pure joy of fucking with me and others that I got rid of.

Light rain here off and on today. 54.3 degrees.

Anonymous said...

Im sick of those assholes on BBC's blog. Billy the buttfucker draws in all the nuts because he is disturbed.

MRMacrum said...

Well it seems this useless post has some use after all. Like flypaper, it has managed to attract the kind of comments appropriate to such a useless post. Thanks all for participating.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

No, Crum. Thank you.

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