Friday, October 23, 2009

Random Thinking While Waking Up

Some days that first cup of coffee just tastes better than other days. This morning's first cup is especially delicious. I often wonder why this is. And why do I waste time dwelling on personal pleasures when what I should be doing is trying to make this World a better place?

You know what? Screw the World for awhile. I am just going to enjoy my first cup of coffee, sit here and be snarky. Later today I will save the World.

Damn, this cup of coffee is good. If I could remember how many scoops of grounds I put in, then maybe I could repeat this pot another time. But as usual, when I decide to make the coffee, some odds board in Vegas lights up with all the various probabilities of how it will turn out. I believe in free form coffee. Like a free spirit coffee. Never know what will come out of the pot. Weak see through Joe or stand up to a spoon caffeinated mud. It's always a crap shoot. This morning I nailed it. Strong enough to jiggle the hairs on my neck, but not so strong they tried to escape.

My darling significant other wifey poo, snookums lovely lady of my life who also happens to be an accountant has a more structured approach to making coffee. She has a more structured approach to almost everything. Everything she does is pared down to specifics with an eye on being as efficient as possible. Once a thing is known and processes worked out, every time that thing or activity is waged, it is waged the same. Not robot like, but certainly not the loose dog way I always work through things.

And because this post is all about random, I guess I need to switch gears. Or is it subjects? Gears sounds cooler. Like I am revin her up and getting ready to punch it, Marge.

I visited another blog yesterday. It is not on my A list, but I keep in touch. A political blog by a woman who fancies herself as the ultimate conservative babe in the world. This woman is definitely not short on ego. She is also not tolerant of any thought that she feels wanders from her narrow view of how the World is. I used to take her on in her comment section. But it seems she always has her blinders on and her MP3 tuned in with Beck, Hannity, or Coulter re-runs. An America, Love it or Leave it kinda gal. So now when I visit, I keep my mouth shut.

She doesn't intimidate me. Her rhetoric is the same old crap I hear from that side of the fence. I just find it futile to argue with a brick. A dense brick. But she writes half decently and her rage is quite funny. Yesterday her ranting was about Men.

She had stumbled upon some article somewhere about how modern men are the wimpiest men who so far have lived on this planet. Some anthropologist wrote the article and with this one opinion in hand, she agrees that the men she has to deal with now are no where as manly as Gorg who brought down mastodons with his bare hands back in the day.

The kicker of of course is she does not just take the opinion of one anthropologist as word, she adds her own interpretation or maybe expansion of the reason men are limp wristed flaccid losers now days. She blames Liberalism.

She compliments the Men of the right in so far as she thinks their conservative values are manly, but she goes on that the stink of liberalism has also turned them into metrosexual over sensitive losers because they are surrounded by the overwhelming stench of a society lost to the socialist pinko commie lifestyle. She did not say this in exactly this way, but this is what she meant.

Maybe it is because of my age, but I found her manic post to be especially funny. I laughed my way through it.

Which brings me back to saving the World and thus negates any claim on my part that this morning's thoughts were random.

As I read her rant, all I could think of is all the similar rants I have been hearing from the loudmouths on the Right. Specifically their rose colored image of how "things used to be" and how it would be oh so great, oh so special if we could turn back the clock. I thought that if I could invent a time machine and send all their sorry butts back a few centuries, that might not be saving the World, but it certainly would be an improvement.

I am off to slay the dragon or drain the lizard - whichever comes first.........

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Demeur said...

You need to send her over to Tom Harpers blog "Who Hijacked my country". I wonder if she thinks rape is an okay thing because that's how all the republican senators just voted on the Franken ammendment.

Kulkuri said...

Sometimes a good cup of coffee or four will make one feel like going out and saving the world.

Why is it that those on the right all around the world want to take us back many centuries?? Some imply they want to bring us back to the 50's, the days of "Father Knows Best and Leave It To Beaver". Problem is that life never was like that, they were only make-believe TV shows!! Now who's living in their own little dream world???

Randal Graves said...

Didn't those commie pinkos once have a pretty bloody revolution while killing off the ostensible leaders of their nation whereas the Manly Men Of Manliness here brandish poorly-spelled posters?

I wonder if this woman gets clocked on the noodle and dragged into the kitchen by her Cro-Magnon to cook up the cow he butchered without an effete knife.

I generally like to make my coffee the same way, but I never measure the scoops, just put "four" or "five" in there.

susana said...

! post excellente'... and I make coffee the same way.

sunshine said...

I don't drink coffee! I don't drink any hot drinks actually. :)
I'm a Diet Pepsi gal. (although you'd never know it..;P)

I enjoyed this post. It's funny when we can see through other peoples bullshit, isn't it? :) I like that too and often find myself giggling.
This "broad" sounds like too much!

Sorry about the music on my blog. I moved my music player up last night on my page and it comes on all the time now. If you ever decide to pay me another visit you can just pause it. I moved it lower though so hopefully that will solve the problemo.
I was so excited when I saw that you had dropped by.
Made my day. :)

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I thought that if I could invent a time machine and send all their sorry butts back a few centuries, that might not be saving the World, but it certainly would be an improvement.

I'm sure they'd decline if offered. Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.