Friday, September 18, 2009

World Wide Time Out

I made the mistake of visiting other blogs the other night. Shit. I was going to take a break and just chill. But no. I figured I'd drop in on a couple of blogs just to socialize some with my Internet buds. Now I am fired up on so many levels, I just don't know which soap box to climb up on first. I feel like all four Ninja Turtles.

It was Randal's fault I even thought of Ninjas. It was Demeur, Dawn and the pipe smoking Professor who created the personality split. Soon Honest Partisan chimed in and I was blasting off. To cope I came up with the turtle thing. Maybe it was their shells and maybe it's time for me to relocate my mind. Hey, the connections were crystal clear a minute ago. That I cannot relay them clearly is but an indicator of the tumultuous condition my Id is in. Or is it more because of the severe deflation my Ego has suffered? Regardless, at some point there was a common thread here somewhere. I keep hoping Jim Palmer's Hair can be snuck in somewhere, but even to me that would be a stretch. Guess I am going to strike out with the Palmer Doo.

The Issues that caused me to go over the edge this time

Urban Living versus Rural living - which one is greener?
Honest Partisan wants to believe the urban myth that living in the cities is greener than living in southern Maine. Maybe, maybe not. Seems to me instead of playing the who's better game, maybe we ought to be working on making each style if living as green as possible. Both are needed to support the other.

Gay Marriage or no Gay marriage - Maine votes in 50 days or so.
Dawn wants me to care about this as much as she does. There is no way I will ever be able to care about it as much as she does. I am not gay. But I do care. Enough so to begin conversations about it at the Bike Shop. As an ardent believer in freedom of choice, Gay marriage falls well within those boundaries in my opinion.

The right to be stupid as some gift from God - Just because I had already been primed at other blogs, my natural fall back tendency to be contrary kicked in and I decided I disagreed with Demeur on whether God gave us the right to be stupid. He/she certainly gave us the ability to be stupid. The government gave us the right to be stupid when they created the two party system. I just imagine the two sides getting together on a regular basis and having a great belly laugh at our expense. Two different groups. Yeah right.

And finally another fed up blogger and their take on the dismal state of our Health Care system - Frumpy Professor adequately covered his frustration and mine over the stupidity of the debate that is Health care. I could not come up with any more to add, so I just nodded my head and said , "Damn Right."

Any one of them by themselves is enough to set me off and watch out Mr Man. But catching all four in one night and damn if my circuits didn't over load. No fuses were blown, but breakers were stressed. I could feel them failing. The system slowed as the my mind sped up to try and give each one their acrimonious due. I finally found out there is a limit of how fired up I can get in one evening. I only have so much bile to spit up.

Thanks a lot guys.

I hope each one of you noticed my comments were low key and generic. I kept my tendency to dive off the deep end in check when it came time to let you know I dropped by. I reminded myself of the guy who owns the pizza joint next door. he started a diatribe 3 weeks ago about the financial crisis and every day I see him, it is like a new episode with the same plot. He doesn't even bother saying hello anymore, he just starts in where he left off yesterday.

I think we all need a day off from everything. A day of silence. A day to make the Earth stand still. A self imposed World Wide Time Out. The planet cannot not handle too many overly wound up humans at one time.

And on this day of universal calm, we will all stay silent as we sit comfortably under our favorite tree or in our favorite chair. We will contemplate our navels a spell. We will sip cool drinks and try to figure out how we can all just not open our mouths unless we have something positive to add to the over all condition we find ourselves in. We don't need to hold hands and sing. We don't need to kneel in prayer. We just need to take a breath and back it off a notch.

The idea appealed to me so much I calmed down. Caught my breath. Finally I considered the plus side of not letting the bullshit get to me. I also considered that I never "let" the Bullshit get to me. But somehow it always finds me.

Sadly this is the end.................Finis. Kaput. But I'll be back.

You have been warned.

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Randal Graves said...

A day to make the Earth stand still.

Klaatu barado nikto?

Good advice, now if we could only get the power brokers to heed it as well. Oh shit, I'm veering into non-time out, aren't I.

I used to be able to do a great impression of Krang from the TMNT cartoon.

Demeur said...

I was actually hoping you caught my snark with the statement. I guess I've been hanging around Graves too much. Oops I'm sliping out of the zone too.

Okay fire up the guitar and let's have a few rounds of Kumbaya. ;-)

Donnatello: "It's a Kodak moment."

Utah Savage said...

This is good advise, and I'm sure most of you think I've taken a permanent time out. I never visit, don't write or call, but I think about you. I'm trying to go at the novel a whole new way and it's taking all my visiting time. I thought I had a doctor appointment today but don't, so this is bonus time. See how well I use it?

And if you ever find yourself in need of a great time-suck, try twitter. It's the most addictive thing I've ever done.

BBC said...

Blogs drive us all even more crazy, go figure. It's good when I can pull myself away from them for a while, like my trip to Oregon to meet a blogging friend.

I never looked at a computer during the whole trip, and did the world change during that time?

Yes, but not in ways that I have any control over anyway. But I slept better.