Wednesday, September 23, 2009

There is No Insignificance

I started a poem this morning. Managed about 8 or 9 lines and then I ran out of steam. Lost where I was headed. Couldn't capture the magic from the moment I became inspired. You could assume the dead tree picture to the left was my inspiration. You would be wrong. Just a cool dead tree I found on my walk in Mary's Woods across the road this morning.

I could have easily, and still might, tie in this ancient carcass to the point of the poem. Read the first 8 or 9 lines and you would not think so. But there is always a tie in. A link exists from everything in this world to everything else. Nothing goes on here that does not connect with everything in some way. Nothing. Every breath we take. Every bug we squash. Every flower that blooms. And yet we often look at the rest of the world around us and feel alone.

There is no insignificance. There is no "it's no big thing". There is only our self made list of selfish viewpoints and actions that somehow create the illusion some things do not matter. We talk of the "Grand Plan". "In the scheme of things" or other rationalizing garbage we use to justify our actions at the expense of some other thing, Human or not.

My mind continues to mull over the concept that this Planet is a living organism and all that exists on it are but the pieces and parts that make it what it is. How the interaction of all these pieces and parts create the living organism that is our planet. What they were before they interacted matters little. What they will become later matters little. It is the ongoing interaction of everything that is important. The Universe is a series of lost moments waiting to happen. The Universe is nothing but a system in decay and everything we do hastens it along.

The concept that nothing actually exists is beyond my comprehension. Out of death and decay something always evolves, erupts, grows. There is always something left. Bones, dead leaves, the refuse of previous civilizations from which new beginnings unfold.

Not sure what to think of what I just wrote. I guess I just wanted to share the thoughts I had while walking in the woods this morning with my dog Stub. If there is some sense to be taken from it, great. If not, oh well.


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Demeur said...

The more I look at nature, the earth and the universe the more I realize how insignificant we are. It was all here long before us and will be here long after we're gone. Is it decaying? Not really. It only goes through changes. When you think about it nothing goes away forever but gets recycled back in some form or another.

Randal Graves said...

Apparently you didn't get the memo that blogs aren't to be used for deep thoughts.

Macro? Insignificant. I could vanish and it's like a gnat disappearing.
Micro? Very significant. I guess that's a cop out answer, but hey.