Monday, September 14, 2009

Taking Time To Ignore It

I will often slip into a zone. Specifically I will find that the words I write seem to fall onto this screen by themselves. I become nothing but a conduit from some place not known into this place we call the here and now. I may begin with a plan and a point. But somewhere a synapse misfires or maybe enters that place unknown for a moment and a torrent of unannounced words will spring forth leaving me clueless how I came up with what I came up with.

Most of the time as I sit back and sip on whatever relaxing drink I have chosen and peruse the words I just spewed out I will laugh and either delete the random words of the moment or place them in the purgatory that exists just behind the screen you see now. That repository for all words saved whether posted or not.

On occasion though, I will be thrilled and pleased with the effort it didn't take to come up with such brilliant and insightful thought. I become my own best fan and break an arm patting myself on the back. For what it's worth, these moments are few and far between. They do happen however.

When I find myself enjoying the act of writing and then true pleasure with the result, I will post and assume everyone else is being dazzled by my brilliance. Yeah Right.

More often than not, the posts I take the most pleasure in are the ones that are ignored. Not even a token comment on some facet or point, just flat out ignored. The rest of the World has decided that my words that night are worthless.

I am okay with this I guess. I am puzzled more than anything else. When I think I am on, I am usually not. And then I will post what I consider a mediocre effort and the comments flood in.

I could delete the posts that no one paid attention to. I have that power. But I came to my blog that night to write. And write I did. Good, Bad or Indifferent, I figure it stays. I took the time to write it. Folks may as well take the time to ignore it.

Keep it 'tween the ditches....................

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BBC said...

I could delete the posts that no one paid attention to. I have that power.

Just because no one made a comment doesn't mean it wasn't read.

I'm heading to Oregon in the morning, you're in charge while I'm gone, ha ha ha.

PipeTobacco said...


I understand your feeling.... a post you especially like not getting a damn comment at all is rather deflating to the psyche. I get the same sort of feelings regularly. However, BBC is correct... no comments DOES NOT mean it has not been read. Additionally, no comments does not mean the essay was yawn-inducing or negatively received.... it simply means people did not have something to add (or people did not have enough time to write something).

If truth be told, I have NEVER found an essay of yours that was not meritorious and very worthy of being read. I am going to try to be more prolific with my comments on your site.


Demeur said...

Well like a ballplayer we can't hit em out of the park every time but like Ichro you seem to get a hit almost every time. A pretty good average you have there Crum. Your one talent is to find that place in everyone's mind that they hadn't thought of in years.
I may miss a post here or there and if it gets too far down the page then I figure nobody will read the comments. Yesterday's news you know.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I get lambasted by some of my online friends for putting up the odd post about baseball. Funny thing, though - they get the most comments. Sometimes I'll post something really lengthy that I think will attract some interest, and the crickets come out.

Randal Graves said...

Ignoring takes time? If so, then I've got this space-time continuum thing all wrong.

One can never predict such things. A good rule of thumb used to be that political posts = the most comments. Fuck if I know what it is anymore. If someone comments, cool, if not, cool.