Friday, May 29, 2009

The Invalid

Bob is not a happy cat. His routine has been interrupted. His life is not his to control at the moment. Bob is very ill. Death's Door ill a couple of weeks ago. Bob is feeling better after a denigrating and humiliating visit to the Vet. Medications have been ingested and continue on a twice daily basis. Kidney function seems to be rebounding and that sunken eye ball has come up for air and looks like the left one again.

I think I liked him better when he was a furry lump that didn't care what happened to him. Now that he is feeling better, he wants out. Now that he is feeling better, his displeasure at being force fed pills has resulted in a daily dose of cat bites and clawed flesh for me. I hope I survive the next ten days.

Bob puts up such a fight over the pills, our encounters take on the feel and look of physical violence. Anyone casually spotting me with Bob brutally pinned down and my fingers down his throat might consider me a vicious monster who enjoys hurting animals. My shredded flesh though indicates any abuse from me is met with equal abuse from Bob. Bob more than holds his own in this battle of wills.

My fear is I will alienate Bob before all the pills have been ingested. Turn him against me. But no. It seems that after a couple of hours of being huffy and keeping his distance, Bob forgives me. We rub heads and he begins that crooked and uneven purr of his. Our relationship is sound again. Bob just cannot hold a grudge. Apparently, neither can I.

Keep it 'Tween the Ditches...............

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Demeur said...

If only people were more like cats.

Randal Graves said...

I second that. Glad the feline innards are on the fast track to normalcy.

Nan said...

Have you tried toweling him? We've always had to pretty much immobilize our cats by swaddling them tightly in towels before trying to shove pills down their throats.

Middle Ditch said...

Nan's advice is sound. I have to do that with my cats. Mind you, my only she cat pretends she swallows the pill and, after I let her go, she gives me a spiteful little look and disdainfully spits out the pill, before scarpering quickly out of the cat flap and away through the garden. Little minx.

Good luck with your poor cat.

BBC said...

I got a new beer can cooler today. Whats it say on it?


I'll never spend much money on a cat, it will just have to die, cats are a dime a dozen and there is always a young one that needs a chance at life for a while.

Hell, I wouldn't spend much money on keeping myself alive, getting dead isn't all that big of a deal to an omnipresent spirit.

AirmanMom said...

How's it going? You've been a bit quiet.
Just checking in!

BBC said...

I was talking to the man that lives behind me last evening, he had just chopped his pear tree all up and mounted some bird houses on it.

Said that he read in a book that if a tree isn't producing to just cut it down, makes sense to me. The larger pieces of wood can be used for crafts or firewood.

My apple tree does produce a lot, I just don't have a use for it, but others make use of the apples and I may have a need for it someday if things gets bad enough so I'm not going to cut it down.

Anonymous said...

Two options. DO the burrito roll with a towel, or crush up the pill and liquify with water, then suck it up in a medical syringe and squirt it between his back lip and gum. I fought my pet rabbit, tooth and toenail, getting pills down him and much later, the vet said "Oh, it comes in liquid". Your's might also.