Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mish-Mash, Just Taking Out Some Trash

I spent quite awhile working up a post earlier. All about rituals and how I was going to create some to bring some stability to my pinball style of living. Originally I was going to punch it up when I finished it, but something about it bothered me. I put it on delayed posting to publish at 11:22PM. I guess I am tired of writing nothing but self improvement schemes. I need a break. Take a breath. Cool my heels for a day or so. All this inner searching is making me ill. Not ill maybe, but as the list of things to improve grows, I am beginning to take a very dim view of just what the Hell I have been doing all these years. What with so many faults to fix. Need a day or two for some perspective and finding the middle ground between self loathing and self importance. Or something like that. I know there are some positives in there somewhere. And maybe this month of finding fault ought to take into account the positives also just to keep some balance. After all, the trick is always how to keep the rig between the ditches.

So tonight in honor of every post being about some sort of self improvement, I dedicate this one to improving myself by recognizing signs of burnout before the flame gets too high. How's that for a cop out? Tonight's offering will be a hurried, excuse filled, not much to say post. Pretty much just making sure I get one out for today.

I would love to recreate this dream I had the other night. But damned if all I can remember is enough to know it was definitely a great dream, but not enough to share any details. I had a convertible. It was 4 wheel drive and I lost it on some snow and ice going uphill and passed people by spinning around them. Cussed a lot but then the next thing I remember is sharing shots with someone I should know and telling them about my recent adventure with their 4 wheel drive convertible something or other. The dream had more before the mishap and much more after, but the spin out was all I could really hold onto once my baby browns opened up at dark thirty in the morning. I do remember laying there and thinking just how great it was to have dream again. Or maybe great to have a dream I remember any part of.

As to other excitement in my neck of the woods - It seems 7 Eleven is bound and determined to lose me as a customer. The bastards have cancelled their coffee card program. Buy six coffees, get one free program is gone. See ya. Adios. And I am pissed. Now their coffee is not fancy. But it is the best pushed here by the various quickie mart type stores that are within 10 miles. That would be three that are within that range. I bet I have bought at least 2000 coffees from them in the last ten years. Just my business alone ought to be enough incentive to keep the program. They'll be sorry. They dropped the free coffee, I just dropped them. Yeah, I know. I already had been breaking away anyway. Brought back brewing coffee at the shop as a cost cutting measure. Better coffee and I can drink more of it on less money than I was giving 7 Eleven.

Maine's murder rate jumped dramatically in 2008. After a relatively flat period of 15 to 25 murders a year up through 2007, 2008 ended with 30 people dying at the hand of another. Highest number of homicides in this state since 1989 when 40 people were offed. Not sure what to make of this. Nor am I exactly sure why I even mentioned it. Maybe it is because even when we are having a bad year, most of the nation would love to be in our shoes when it comes to crime. And yet, all the local talking heads are fired up and want action to address this troubling increase. One year does not indicate a trend. Seems to me we need a few more years of growing murder rates before we get all that fired up and call it a trend. As bad as this jump appears, Maine is still one of the top five safest states when it comes to crime in general.

So there it is - Later.........................


Chris Wood said...

Good post. I like you going from free coffee to murder stats - and if your state is one of the safest, I wouldn't worry.

Anonymous said...

Look at it this way to save your sanity: You are not a murderer (yet) and you haven't been murdered (yet).

Now go and live as you are and take some of that pressure off yourself before you end up "spinning" your tires.

Demeur said...

As I look at it if you haven't changed your ways by now you probably won't change. There's that comfort zone we've grown into. Or don't try and fix it if it ain't broke.

Only get 7-11 coffee if I'm running late and didn't make any.

Murders are up here as well. Seems the gangs are back and killing each other.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

WOW!, only 30 murders in the entire state??, shoot, here in Los Angeles, we had 480 in the city in the year of 2006, couldn't find more current information, suspect they stopped counting, when the murder rate went over one a day. I can see why you need coffee to keep awake up your way----its waaay to quiet. (lol)

BBC said...

I guess I am tired of writing nothing but self improvement schemes. I need a break.

You want to improve yourself? Go camping more and get away from the rest of the world. Take some hikes out there.

I never buy a cup of coffee in town, not even when eating out, I can make it much cheaper at home.

BBC said...

I don't know what the murder stats for the state is here. But in this little area I don't think they are too bad.

It's drugs and stealing that is the main problem here, especially since the economy has started tanking.

I expect it to get worse but I don't know where they will put them, the jail is overflowing now.