Saturday, January 03, 2009


I am not sure when it happened. When I think back even when I did not feel out of sync with the rest of the World, I probably was. Either I did not sense it or more likely did not care to even take notice. Young and Dumb can cover a lot. As I matured, hit my stride, and now have enough years under my belt, I am quite a bit sharper. I have noticed some things about my handling of the trip that fall outside the normal flow of activity in my neck of the woods.

I am not sure who saddled me with this. CRUM Time just sort of evolved over the last 10 years. What I called "fashionably late" became CRUM Time. We would set up a meet to ride, eat, whatever and I was consistently 15 minutes late. I would often set up my time 30 minutes ahead. Did not seem to matter. I always came 15 minutes late. I had created my own time zone.

In order for me to be in sync with the rest of the world around me, I have always had to think fifteen minutes faster than the speed at which I was traveling through my day. If I had a three o'clock appointment in the real world, I had to be be there at two-forty-five in my world. This slightly out of phase existence has not been a problem usually. As long as I compensated properly, my world and the rest of the planet seemed to cooperate just fine.

Well it is time to add fifteen minutes to my clock. After all this is my year to really push resolutions. Unfortunately this is one of my regular resolutions. Seems I have promised to pick up my pace before. But in order to get all of them out there I can, I will add this one in once again. We'll call it my throw away resolution. The first one I won't feel too guilty about not following through with as long as all the important appointments are kept. Speeding up my world by fifteen minutes might be more than I can handle.


BBC said...

I give others fifteen minutes and if they have not showed up I move on, unless it's someone I'm working for and I'm getting paid to wait. I'm not on this planet to let others waste my time.

Good business to get into.


BBC said...

I read that bike shops aren't doing so well. But if you got into peddle power ways of doing things I think it would benefit you.

Making electricity, pumping water, things like that. In hard times gas won't be easy to get.

Randal Graves said...

Once everything collapses, I bet bike shops do very well. Of course, we'll have to barter for parts.

Stop! Crum time! You need some parachute pants and some dancers.