Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Words That Don't Matter Anymore

People laugh at me for my retro grouch ways. Lift eyebrows when I get all excited over old school ways. I am often the butt of jokes when the subject turns to anything new and improved. But who's laughing now?

I'm not, that is fer sher. I had well over 500 words and a spiffy picture ready to post and it all disappeared. Yeah it might have been a fluke that the "save' button did not work at the same time my computer burped and went into convulsions causing those 500 plus words to wander off into the Bozone on their own and without a chaperon. Who knows who is now looking at the image I picked for the piece? Who can tell me where all those words will settle if at all? Are they destined to wander the halls of Internet back rooms forever? Never finding peace or a nice blog to settle into.

Thoughts left unattended can turn into ugly thoughts. Ideas without structure and form break down and become passing moments of inspiration unfulfilled. I feel for all those words as they are left in the dark to fend for themselves. The picture, well, I can download another clone in a heartbeat. But what's the point? Without the words to give it life, it is just a picture.

I am searching for answers here. The why of it. I know all that verbosity is now lost. Some of you may even be breathing a sigh of relief. But it still eats at me. At least if my dog ate it, I know where it went and what it will become in a few hours. But to have all that effort just go poof and vanish creates a tension inside I have trouble coming to grips with. I flippin hate it when machines do not do my bidding.

Interlude, Intermission, A Time Out

Okay, I have taken a break. I have poured another cup of coffee. I have gone outside for a moment or two. I have weeded some weeds. And I have taken some breaths. I allowed the mosquitoes to feast on my flesh. Purging through blood letting, the anger and frustration over another gadget letting me down.

What it all comes down to is this. When I leave this World I will not be allowed to take any baggage with me. Including the words I have written or contemplated writing. I will leave as I entered. Buck Nekid. Anything I have done besides the bad stuff will be left in a pile for others to sort out. I am guessing that the bad stuff will be used against me to figure out which neighborhood will accept me. But then maybe not. Regardless, I need to not worry about thoughts lost. I will have others. They do come and they do go. And besides, that post was nothing to crow about.

PS - It appears that my computer glitch was really some kind of machine born editing function. My post must have been so bad, even my computer would not process it. So consider yourselves lucky I guess.


GJG said...

I think ya hit it on the head with your closing remark---ya might want to see if ya got your spam controls wound up to tight?

GJG said...

question. you have your blogs cross referenced under Labels---how did you get the labels inserted so that, each label shows how many posts are grouped under that label? or will the system begin to do that automatically, say at the end of a given month of posting?

Missy's Blog said...

That is one wild picture you have there on your post.

I get so mad sometimes when I have a post completed, go to hit save or publish and the program times out on me. I thought it only happened to me because I use AOL dial up.

Sorry you lost your 500 word post ... but hey ... the one you replaced it with ... well, it was good!

MRMacrum said...

gjg - How did I get the labels to show how many were in each? That is a very good question. If I knew the answer, I would gladly share it. I set up labels in the customize part of the blog. And then it began to count them for me. I will look into it and follow up.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I've had this same thing happen once or twice. Now, if the word count is anticipated to be any more than 500 or 1,000, I write the post on Notepad, where I can more easily control the ever-essential SAVE function. Then I copy and paste. Then I re-read, and wonder how during the first five times of re-reading, I didn't notice this or that typo.

You get the general idea.