Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Page 123 Meme

I am not sure why I picked last night to pull out the book and leave it on my desk. I had not read it in years. I was reviewing some pictures I had added to my Photobucket Album and the cover picture of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" was one I downloaded. I remembered that this book was sprinkled with those odd Ralph Steadman illustrations. I found my copy so I could enjoy them again. And what happens? I get the "Page 123" tag from that pesky Left Coaster, gjg.

Imagine my anguish when faced with the rule of #1. The nearest book? "Damn! There are 2 books on my desk. When was the last time that happened? And when was the last time my desk was clear enough to set even one book, never mind two of them?"

The fear of reprisal by the Blogging God if I blew this one off overcame my fear of making a commitment. That's what it usually takes for a guy to commit. Fear of something worse.

In reality it was almost too close to call when considering which book to pick up. Anthony Burgess', "The Wanting Seed" is currently the book I am re-enjoying. But Hunter's book was maybe closer by a nose. So I picked it.

Even now I wonder if I was right. Was it really closer?

I did not know it, but Ralph's career dovetailed nicely with Thompson's. They worked together often. I read somewhere that Ralph's art projected a wonderful visual of Hunter's gonzo writing style. After perusing some of his art, I would have to agree. Cool stuff.

The Page 123 Rules

1) Pick up the nearest book
2) Open it to page 123
3) Find the fifth sentence.
4) Post in your blog the next three sentences after that fifth one you have identified(that is to say sentences 6, 7 and 8)
5) Tag five or more people, And acknowledge the person who tagged you.

From "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas" - Hunter S Thompson - Pg. 123

"Killed?" He almost whispered the word.

"In Viet Nam!" I yelled. "On the goddam television!"

"Oh...Yes...Yes," he said.

I would have preferred to write the first 5 sentences as they are funnier and have more meaning to me as a reader than numbers 6,7, and 8. But open a Hunter S Thompson book to any page and there are bound to be 3 things you can count on.
1 - Liberal use of profanity
2 - Liberal references to drugs and/or alcohol
3 - You don't have to know the plot to enjoy or hate the writing.

Without further comment or a heads up to these folks, I now tag KC Rider, Apertome, Midnight Rider, J at Thinking About..., and Dawn from Weldable Cookies.


GJG said...

PHEEENOMINAL!! Love the pictorials,and sure do love the way you express things. Ya did good kid.

Missy's Blog said...

Hey there ... thanks so much for visiting my blog!! I've always enjoyed the comments you leave on Gary's (gjg) blog. I will be back for a visit!!

Take good care ...

Noah said...

Sigh. You're just evil.

Just you wait. Someone other than you will eventually tag me again, and when they do, your name will be among my short list of victims. :P

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

I too love the pics. Good work. I was glad to be tagged, because I wasn't sure what to write about. Mine is up now, though. :)