Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Exercising Useless Endeavor

It is June 11. The heat and humidity of the last 5 days has finally caught a westerly and is now punishing fish in the Atlantic. The thunderstorm last night spoiled any plans of mine to hit the yard with my monster 22 inch self propelled red Ariens. As good a weapon as it is, it doesn't plow through knee high grass that is wet.

(The picture to the left is a reminder to myself that but 4 months ago, this is what yards in Acton looked like. My neighbor's one holer was buried hard and the thought of using it was just that, a quickly passing thought. Can you hold it for another month? Kind of puts the last few days of heat and humidity into perspective.)

I have spent my early morning hours this AM in an uncharacteristic way. I actually got some work out of the way instead of playing on this thing while I contemplated all that yard work I was missing out on. I responded to some emails. Filled out some dealer apps for parts I cannot get other than factory direct. Odd feeling this. Being productive before that first cup of coffee has been thoroughly processed.

Today's post is going to be a quick post. Not about anything special or keen. More of a post to take up space and waste a few inches of bandwidth. A tip of my hat if you will to exercises in useless endeavor. I will make no effort to win anyone over to any cause, celebration, or political slant. I will not be informative, insightful, or attempt in any way to be delightful. If for any reason a reader comes away feeling better after reading this, it will be by accident and not in my gameplan when I started.

(This picture of Stubeetchka, my black girlfriend, is included only because I like the overall composition of the image and she deserves some new face time.)

To round out my offerings for the day, I have included one of my valve cap buddies to bid you folks a fond Adieu, er AH-Doo. I found Garfield buried in some ditch and saved his sorry butt only to impale it with gusto onto the valve stem of one of my bikes. He looks pleased and content now.

Today's post is about being silly. As close to blatant self indulgence as I can come. Any closer and I would not be writing about it.


GJG said...

as usual, you insert interesting pics into your posts, and I look forward to reading you inputs. One never knows what you will come up with to expound on---Its not easy to bring up the subject of decorative valve caps in polite conversation----in any case I found it eye opening as well as intertaining. I have to say to I like your blog header.

MRMacrum said...

gjg - The Header is a picture of a handcarved rendition of the theater masks, comedy and tragedy. My parents picked them up on one of our many trips to Hong Kong in the 1950s. I only got to go once as Hong Kong was usually adults only. Mom went whenever she could wrangle my dad into flying her there from the AF base in Japan where my dad was stationed.

Missy's Blog said...

I love that you posted a sorta silly blog post.

It's nice to see your sweet black girlfriend Stubeetchka ... care to share why you chose that name for her?

MRMacrum said...

missy's blog - we picked Stubby from a litter. She stood out because she had only a stub of a tail. And she was the scrawniest of the crew. Seemed natural to name her Stub because of the tail.

Then 11 months later she was nailed by a car and lost a rear leg. We contemplated re-naming her Double Stub, but didn't. We figured we had jinxed her with the first attempt to name her.

Stubeetchka is my private name for her. Folks are always assuming she is a he because somehow "Stub" comes off as being manly. I did not want to confuise her sexual orientation, so I feminized Stub the best I could. She doesn't seem to mind. She answers to anything. She really perks up when she hears "Bonehead".