Monday, October 29, 2007

Shoot Out at the Sports Complex Corral

Automatic weapons, a mano mano gunfight and two yahoos we are probably better off without are now dead. This type of Wild West madness may be okay in the big city and environs jammed with angry people, but here in Maine we frown on wasting good ammo on something we can't eat.

Apparently at a shindig at a local indoor sports complex, two low lifes got into a tussel over that ever popular point of contention, another drug beef. I imagine it went something like this:

"Oh yeah, you ripped me off. That last bag of rock you sold me barely had enough rock in it to get off once."

"Rip you off? Why you sorry crack head. If you didn't live on the stuff, you might get a buzz once in awhile. My stuff is top quality and my count always true."

Oh yeah, well.....Let's just go get some guns and shoot each other."

So they go out to their respective cars. Each pulls out the weapon of choice. A 45 handgun for one and an AK 47 for the other. In front of 40 people in the parking lot dimwit #1 and dimwit #2 open up on each other.

I don't know about you, but as soon as I saw an AK 47 come out, that paltry 45 in my hand would be like looking at a pen knife. And putting one foot in front of the other might just be the judicious thing to do. But not these knot heads. Stupid machismo at it's finest.

The AK wielded by dimwit # 1 won of course. Shot dimwit #2 dead in his tracks. Dimwit #1 then scoots and 2 hours later after what must have been a titillating high speed chase is cornered in a parking lot. So instead of thinking things through, dimwit #1 puts a bullet through his skull. I guess he proved the better shot this night.

WCSH - Channel 6

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