Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Kristol Halo

Washington DC

The Kristol Halo
By Blair Darren

In what some claim is a desperate move to keep the neoconservative movement from losing the momentum of the last 7 years, the American Enterprise Institute has announced it will introduce cutting edge technology to keep the movement faithful up todate with a moment to moment rendition of important issues breaking out from around the globe.

"This is not an instrument of persuason", Nathan Ridgebutt from the institute insisted. "We hope to utilize this new technology in an effort to keep our followers in touch with breaking events that have an effect on the World as we see it."

He went on to assure the "Kristol Halo", named after Irving Kristol the father of modern neoconservatism, was not intended to punish those who might be having second thoughts about the movement. "It is a communication device, that is all."

When pressed about rumors the device was actually for brainwashing and forced adherence, he adjusted his halo, and repeated woodenly, "It is a communication device. That is all."

Unable to pry any more information from the obviously distracted Mr Ridgebutt, we sought answers on the street. An hour search on the packed and bustling streets of Washington resulted in sightings of people wearing them. But as soon as we approached, they would look at their watch, adjust their Halo and scurry away.

In the meantime, all we have are unsubstantiated reports, non answers from the Institute and film footage of people wearing them but not responding to our questions. Which only leaves this reporter with more questions than answers.

As always- Unbiased eyes on the Real World

Blair Darren

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